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Award fun!

(award graphic by me, with bowtie patterns from Pugly Pixel)

The lovely Audrey of Fedoras and High Heels (one of my most diligent commenters!) presented me with the Liebster Blog Award. Thank you so much, Audrey! As the directions tell us, I have been tasked with bestowing this award on a new flock of bloggers. Here are my picks:

Born in the Wrong Decade by Niamhy – The little Irish lass with a fondness for unusual socks, parasols and brogues (among many other loves!) spotlights her love for vintage music and hosts regular feature I love called “Quote of the Day!” on her joyful blog. She never fails to lift my spirits with her wit and Joie de vivre.

The Stupendously Amazingly Cool World of Old TV by Millie and Emm – These two ladies single-handedly take on the job of watching every piece of classic TV footage they can get their hands on. While plying you with photos of gorgeous, under appreciated stars like Gardner McKay (newest web obsession, courtesy of Millie!) they carefully evaluate shows for all-important aspects. Among the important qualities they look for: awesome 60s spies, handsome men, geek glasses and fabulous clothes.

Bake Do and Mend by Gemma – Overflowing with historical facts and photos, Gemma’s Bake Do and Mend is a treasure trove for vintage lovers. Her recent post contrasting the US and UK during the depression years fascinates me, particularly the explanation about cocktails and US prohibition.

There you have it – three new blogs to occupy your afternoon! Please do check them out – you won’t regret it, I promise!


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Silence shattering sounds…

Why hello! So nice to be writing to all of you dear friends once more. I’m quite swamped with final projects and never-ending edits for art history papers, but I came across a phenomenal find you guys simply must experience. This is a total time investment of about 10 minutes and a more worthy or exciting use of those moments I have yet to find. Seriously.

May I introduce you to… The Overtones:

Now, watch this:

Okay now, was that worth it or WHAT? Sadly their CD is not available in the US yet, but you can bet your boots that when it is, I’ll be the first in line to buy it.

(Full credit for finding these incredible guys goes to my friend Niamhy – Thanks so much for sharing them with me, dear!)


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The Story of the Real Gidget!

[Click on the image for the largest size]

While sorting through some old magazines today, I happened to flip open a 7 year old issue of Coastal Living and saw the name “GIDGET” popping out at me from the page. Being that my dear friend Millie has a great love for the Gidget film from 1959, I of course paused and perused. The headline turned out to be a lead in for a short (one page!) feature about the lady who truly is Gidget. So, please have a look and revel in the crazy, amazing 60’s-ness of it all! :D


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A Belated (But Happy Nonetheless) Birthday Wish

I’ve been a dreadful blogger of late. I’m so bad I even completely missed wishing my dear niece Millie a Happy Birthday two days ago! Well I am now prepared to remedy this situation.

HaPpY BiRtHdAy MiLlIe!!!!

Millie created a terribly interesting post explaining why she will no longer be a supporter of Ingrid Bergman, do make sure you read it. I was quite sad to hear this news, so in one last blast of Ingy fan-adoration, I found two marvelous Ingy photo sites to visit… as a final farewell.

TCMdB’s Ingrid Bergman Archive Material Collection – The Saratoga Trunk wardrobe stills are particularly spectacular. Even the wardrobe practice photos were works of art in classic Hollywood!

The Life Collection of Ingy Photos – The place where all these lovelies showcased here were found. The Life Archives have made being a classic film fan even more fun than before!











I wish a very happy belated birthday to Miss Millie!


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Sarah’s Pi Day

Happy Birthday Sarah!

Today, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish Sarah, Queen of the Quips, a marvelously happy birthday!  One of her favorite actors is Mr. Ian McShane (see above) so I thought it would be fitting to introduce you all to him in honor of her special day.

Ian McShane’s IMDb – He’s worked steadily since the early 60’s. My favorite of his roles, (and I think Sarah’s) is a swell film he made with Hayley Mills called Gypsy Girl aka Sky West & Crooked in 1966.

McShane Flickr Goldmine – The place where that adorable photo above was found. Browse around – it’s multitude of McShane Shots to choose from there.

Official McShane Facebook – Not kidding at all. He actually has a Facebook page, to my astonishment. Follow away, Facebookers!

I hope Ian McShane casts his spell on you as he did on Sarah & I! And don’t forget to wish Miss Sarah a very Happy Birthday!


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Spiffy’s F21 Giveaway!

It’s your lucky day, friends! Over at Spiffy (the blog I co-edit with fellow classic film bloggers Kate, Millie, Nicole, Sarah, Elizabeth & Raquelle) we are having a giveaway for a $25 Forever 21 Gift Certificate! It’s totally free to enter and we don’t even want to know your date of birth or the name of your first born child. Make sure you drop by before February 3, 2010 and submit your entries!


If you haven’t been to F21 before, or just need some inspiration on spending options, check these out: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (Oh and I totally borrowed this splendid idea from Millie. Check out her terrific plug post with more ideas here.)


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Happy New Year!

(load this first, then start it at 4:28)

Here’s wishing all my lovely readers a “Appy Neu Jeer!” May 2010 find you happy, healthy and loved.



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