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Dismount and Murder Bookcover and Giveaway

Dismount and MurderBook #3 in Jacqueline Lynch’s Double V Mystery series is here! The cover is designed by yours truly and I can’t wait to read the third installment in the series. I’ve become quite attached to Elmer and Juliet and their adventures. Head over to Jacqueline’s blog for the complete lowdown on the plot and where to purchase your copy. If you are quick and send her an email tonight, you can even enter to win a copy of the book in paperback!

What are you waiting for? Go visit her!


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New England Travels Bookcover

Happy Black Friday, dear friends! It is with great pride that I trumpet the release of the ebook version of States of Mind: New England, Collected Essays from New England Travels by the lovely Jacqueline T. Lynch with a cover designed by yours truly. Hop over to Amazon and snap up the ebook version for FREE today through Monday, November 26. It already resides on my iPad and I couldn’t be more impressed with the thorough research and abundance of historic photos to accompany the essays. Even better, the photographs of local historic places were all shot by Jacqueline herself!

Jacqueline spills the rest of the details (including the impending publication of a beautiful print version!) over on her blog. Have a look and leave her a comment if you like. Hope all my pals in the US stuffed themselves royally with pie yesterday. Enjoy your leftovers!

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Speak Out Before You Die Bookcover

Hello, dear ones! Just popping into your world for a moment to announce the second installment in the Double V Mystery series by Jacqueline T. Lynch. Book number 2 is called Speak Out Before You Die, with another cover designed by me!

This book picks up with the same detecting duo we met in the first book: Elmer Vartanian and Juliet Van Allen, the ex-con and the society sophisticate who solve crimes on the sly. Speak Out Before You Die finds the pair sleuthing at a high society New Year’s Eve wedding. They have reason to believe someone will die before the new year rings in and it’s up to them to expose the plot. Head over to Jacqueline’s blog for the full official blurb and her special explanation of the characters.

Ebooks available here: B&N, Smashwords, Amazon

Paperbacks will be available directly via Jacqueline or on Amazon in a few weeks.

Let me know what you think of the cover! As always, creative feedback is most welcome.


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Cadmium Yellow, Blood Red Bookcover

**trumpet fanfare, please**

It is my honor to announce the unveiling of a new e-bookcover design (created by me) for Jacqueline T. Lynch’s detective series! Cadmium Yellow, Blood Red has just been republished with the new cover on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. This is the first book in the Double V Mystery series. Set in 1950s Connecticut, it centers on an unlikely pair of amateur sleuths, thrown together because of a murder. Hop over to Jacqueline’s blog for a peek at the first chapter, brilliantly illustrated with classic film screen caps. I wish all books could be illustrated this way.

I had so much fun designing this cover and the logo for Double V. It’s a dream come true for me to create a cover for a Noir-inspired series. And I must admit, I genuinely squealed to see a piece of art I designed load on a real life Amazon page. :)

Heartfelt thanks to Jacqueline for giving me this truly thrilling opportunity.


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