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Ronnie’s Centennial

On this, the 100th birthday of Ronald Reagan, I’d like to offer a few lines of tribute to a special, one-of-a-kind person we all can respect. Ronald Reagan occupies an exclusive corner of my heart, a place where calling him “Ronnie” is the only way to go. While I have an infinite list of reasons for loving Ronnie, there is one reason above all he will forever have my respect and admiration.

Ronnie truly was exactly what he seemed to be. Balancing kindness, love and a gentle nature with immeasurable courage of his convictions, Ronnie captivated all those who saw him. In his letters to Nancy throughout their marriage, he fully reveals a vulnerable, sincere side of his nature the rest of us only glimpse briefly in his screen appearances. Because of Ronnie’s complete self-confidence, he had a capacity for love only dreamed of in romance novels. Perhaps most surprising of all in light of his soft-heartedness, he was not a wishy-washy man. In fact, we have yet to see an American politician with Ronnie’s unbridled devotion to his beliefs and the courage to defend them to all dissenters. Of course he wasn’t perfect (who would want him to be?), but even when he made mistakes he handled them with grace and charm. That’s all you can ask of a person.

So, may I say: Happy Birthday, Ronnie. We haven’t forgotten the lessons you taught us, even though we miss you more each day.

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Happy Birthday Matthew!

Why hello my lovely friends! Yes, I am still in existence, though you wouldn’t know it from my posting frequency. Many apologies. I’m here to begin to remedy that sad situation.

One of my favorite bloggers, Mr. Matthew Coniam, (of Movietone News) celebrated his birthday on June 20 and I would like to extend him best wishes for another year of movie watching. Matthew’s blog always drives me to try harder as a writer and blogger because his posts are so darn good. Case in point: his recent tribute to the incredible Jane Russell. The post is full of hilarious zingers, my favorite of which lies in his discussion of Jane and Marilyn Monroe. Go read the post, I’ll wait for you……………………………………. See what I mean?

Whenever a blogger friend celebrates a birthday, I like to use the occasion to learn more about their favorite stars. Matthew is a man of many classic film crushes, but he is most devoted to the gorgeous Fay Wray.

He has written several posts on the glories of Fay, so I won’t even attempt to compete with his prose. You can celebrate his birthday by delighting in them for yourselves.

Any port in a drought

Ten recommendations from 1931 – including 2 of Matthew’s Fay picks

Also be sure to check out Matthew’s new blog: Movietone Cameos – his new place for short film reviews!




I leave you now, with a quote from Fay, letting us in on a truly valuable secret of life:

I would say the secret is to be enthusiastic about everything that comes into your life. To care, to care about people. To be excited about everything that comes close to you.

– Fay Wray


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A Belated (But Happy Nonetheless) Birthday Wish

I’ve been a dreadful blogger of late. I’m so bad I even completely missed wishing my dear niece Millie a Happy Birthday two days ago! Well I am now prepared to remedy this situation.

HaPpY BiRtHdAy MiLlIe!!!!

Millie created a terribly interesting post explaining why she will no longer be a supporter of Ingrid Bergman, do make sure you read it. I was quite sad to hear this news, so in one last blast of Ingy fan-adoration, I found two marvelous Ingy photo sites to visit… as a final farewell.

TCMdB’s Ingrid Bergman Archive Material Collection – The Saratoga Trunk wardrobe stills are particularly spectacular. Even the wardrobe practice photos were works of art in classic Hollywood!

The Life Collection of Ingy Photos – The place where all these lovelies showcased here were found. The Life Archives have made being a classic film fan even more fun than before!











I wish a very happy belated birthday to Miss Millie!


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Sarah’s Pi Day

Happy Birthday Sarah!

Today, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish Sarah, Queen of the Quips, a marvelously happy birthday!  One of her favorite actors is Mr. Ian McShane (see above) so I thought it would be fitting to introduce you all to him in honor of her special day.

Ian McShane’s IMDb – He’s worked steadily since the early 60’s. My favorite of his roles, (and I think Sarah’s) is a swell film he made with Hayley Mills called Gypsy Girl aka Sky West & Crooked in 1966.

McShane Flickr Goldmine – The place where that adorable photo above was found. Browse around – it’s multitude of McShane Shots to choose from there.

Official McShane Facebook – Not kidding at all. He actually has a Facebook page, to my astonishment. Follow away, Facebookers!

I hope Ian McShane casts his spell on you as he did on Sarah & I! And don’t forget to wish Miss Sarah a very Happy Birthday!


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Happy Birthday Douglas Fairbanks, Jr!!

Today I’m wishing a very Happy Birthday to my #1 favorite classic film star: Douglas Fairbanks Jr! He would have been an amazingly debonair 100 years old today. If you happen to be in Beverly Hills, California tonight (like I wish I was!) please check out this thrilling screening of The Prisoner of Zenda. If you do go, would you please tell me about it? It sounds like it’ll be a dream come true for any DFJ fan!


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Happy Birthday Kate!!!

Today is my dear friend Kate‘s birthday! To celebrate, I’ve rounded up some terrific links about her favorite actor, Dirk Bogarde. Since Kate has become a one-woman PR machine for Dirk, I think she’ll be thrilled to have more people learn about him. Be sure to click through and read about England’s most handsome and talented actor!

The Dirk Bogarde Estate…a goldmine of Dirk’s body of work. Not only was he an accomplished actor, but he was an artist and writer, too!

Dirk Bogarde’s Letters from the UK Telegraph…a two part series revealing his wit and intellect (Part One) (Part Two)

The Dirk Bogarde Pool on Flickr…Yeah, Kate started it and it is a glorious collection of DB goodness!

Discovering Dirk Bogarde on Silents and Talkies…Kate’s blog is the foremost authority on Dirk Bogarde films. If you haven’t seen her efforts, you are truly missing out!

So, have a marvelously Happy Birthday today, Kate!!

I really wish I could be with you when you play TCM Scene It! :)


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