Ronnie Heaven

I’m just reeling from the idea of Ronald Reagan being TCM’s Star of the Month.  Ronnie is one of my top favorite actors of the 1940’s. (see my top 10 list here) So, when I received my copy of Now Playing a couple of weeks ago and saw Ronnie’s handsome face gracing the cover, I nearly swooned!

Oh, Ronnie – how I adore you.

Well, on to more serious issues.  His films – winners one and all, I’d say.  And that’s not just my Ronnie bias speaking either.  I remember hearing Robert Osborne decry the misconception of Ronnie’s films, too.  If you have been avoiding Ronnie’s films because of the prevailing idea of their awfulness, please reconsider.

I’ve got some top picks for you, if you’re game:

Desperate Journey (1942) – A terrific war thriller starring Errol Flynn, Ronnie, Arthur Kennedy and Alan Hale.  The guys are American airmen who get stranded in Germany and have to fight their way out.  There’s several truly hilarious moments of comedy with Alan Hale. (TCM – March 25 @ 12.45am eastern, not available on DVD)

The Voice of the Turtle aka One for the Book (1948) – A truly tender love story with Ronnie and Eleanor Parker.  Ronnie can’t get a hotel room for his leave, so he stays with Eleanor.  Other cast attractions include the multi-talented Eve Arden and Wayne Morris.  (TCM – March 19 @ 4 am eastern, not available on DVD either!)

The Hasty Heart (1950) – This is an amazingly good film in it’s own right and with the stellar cast, it’s nearly perfect.  Ronnie, Richard Todd and many others are recooperating soldiers in a hospital in Burma.  Patricia Neal is their nurse.  Richard Todd is a Scotsman who is determined not to get involved with the other men.  The story revolves around the group trying to break him down and make him see how beautiful life can be.  It’s quite moving. (Sadly, TCM hasn’t scheduled this one.  I’m calling Bobby Osborne to find out why! ;) But, it is available on DVD in The Ronald Reagan Signature Collection)

Have a look at dear Ronnie’s films, if you get the chance.  I think you’ll find they aren’t half as bad as people say they are.  I’m off to spend some more time in Ronnie Heaven! :)


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12 responses to “Ronnie Heaven

  1. I have to say, I am one of those reluctant folks who shy away from Ronald Reagan films. I think the only one I’ve seen is Dark Victory. I’ll give him a try this month!!


  2. Raquelle – Hmm. Okay, I’ll forgive you this once. ;) Dark Victory really doesn’t let Ronnie shine. It’s all Bette Davis, through and through. I’d love to hear what you think after being enlightened by Ronnie. :)

  3. He was great in the Killers(Siegal)

  4. Hi, Casey! Thanks for visiting me this week…so nice to meet you and find your delightful blog! …”vintage girl in a modern world”… I can very much relate to that, as I’ve felt I was born in the wrong time too! :o) I love classic film and classic tunes–every decade had something great. Your sewing is lovely, wonderful designs…I love all the nostalgia here! Ron Reagan was never one of my favorites though, I must admit–LOL! I did like him in Dark Victory though. I’m more a Van Johnson fan…sad he passed away not so long ago *SIGH*…Happy Weekend, Casey :o)

  5. Hi Paul! – I’ve heard many good things about The Killers, but I haven’t seen it myself -yet. I’m dying to since I found out that Ronnie plays a bad guy. I can’t imagine having to dislike Ronnie in a film! What an experience that will be! Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a great weekend!

    Hi Tracy! – You’re quite welcome! Thank you so much for the compliments. :) You’re terribly kind! I understand about Ronnie – he can’t be everyone’s favorite. Van Johnson is one of my crushes, too. I love him in In The Good Old Summertime and The Romance of Rosy Ridge. Happy weekend, Tracy!


  6. I put The Hasty Heart on my Netflix queue. I’m willing to give ole Ronnie a chance. :)

  7. Raquelle – Oh boy! You made my day. :) I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

  8. oh I quite agree Casey!

    I like Reagan’s films almost as much as I despise his politics (and boy do I hate them!)

    Did you see Juke Girl? That one has become a new favourite of mine!!!

    and, of course, Kings Row is one of the immortal films of the Studio Age.

    Reagan did wonderful stuff–I even like Bedtime for Bonzo (which has some genuinely affecting moments–and could be interpreted as a proto-animal rights film!)


  9. Hi Dave – I’m so happy you appreciate Ronnie’s films too! I respect your opinion of his politics, though my own opinion is in quite the opposite direction… :)

    Sure did see Juke Girl and Kings Row – I adore Ann Sheridan. Beautiful and talented at the same time. Kings Row is fascinating, but kind of strange. Juke Girl has such a great supporting cast: George Tobias, Alan Hale, Gene Lockhart. I love the little people as much as the stars. :)

    Bedtime for Bonzo is actually one of my favorite Ronnie films. I love the chemistry he has with the amazing Diana Lynn. I was going to put it as one of my recommendations above, but I felt like it was too soon after that awful Travis the Chimp story. I thought it would be unfair to ask people to watch BfB with that story fresh in their minds. It might mess with how the film was perceived. Bedtime for Bonzo does need to be freed from the popular misconception that it’s a bad film, though.

    I’m still working on getting those Spirit compilation books. They are unavailable at my local stores (not a surprise), so I’ll probably get one from Amazon. You’d probably laugh if I told you how many stores I went to looking for them. ;)


  10. Jen

    I’ve missed your blog so much!! Those headbands are soooooooooo cute :)

  11. Jen! I was just thinking about you yesterday and how much i missed you! Thanks so much for the compliment about the headbands. I’m terribly happy you like them. :D Please do a post soon. I’m in Jen-withdrawal!

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