The TCMFF Experience

zardozAs you will have gathered if you followed along with the #TCMFF posts on Twitter and Instagram, the Turner Classic Film Festival is really all about connecting with other fans. Of course it’s thrilling to see our favorite stars larger than life on screen in vintage restored theatres. But the experience just wouldn’t be the same without the hordes of like-minded kooks who clap and cheer with abandon at the sight of Guy Kibbee’s name in the opening credits.

Thanks to Twitter, Instagram and this blog, I’ve come to know a lovely collection of people who share this passion for classic film. I’d like to take a moment and just tip my hat to each of them. Ladies and gents, I look forward each year to seeing you all again. Thank you for making 2017 another joyous memory for me!

Above, clockwise starting from the left: Danny & his lovely wife, JandyMillieJoelMattRaquelleKate, Kim, Diana, Sabina, Laura, Kendhal, LindsayAngelaChrisJasmine, Carlos, Marya, Kimberly


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One response to “The TCMFF Experience

  1. KC

    Finally getting caught up on my reader! Wow, this seems like ages ago. So much fun to spend time w/ you! xo

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