A Belated (But Happy Nonetheless) Birthday Wish

I’ve been a dreadful blogger of late. I’m so bad I even completely missed wishing my dear niece Millie a Happy Birthday two days ago! Well I am now prepared to remedy this situation.

HaPpY BiRtHdAy MiLlIe!!!!

Millie created a terribly interesting post explaining why she will no longer be a supporter of Ingrid Bergman, do make sure you read it. I was quite sad to hear this news, so in one last blast of Ingy fan-adoration, I found two marvelous Ingy photo sites to visit… as a final farewell.

TCMdB’s Ingrid Bergman Archive Material Collection – The Saratoga Trunk wardrobe stills are particularly spectacular. Even the wardrobe practice photos were works of art in classic Hollywood!

The Life Collection of Ingy Photos – The place where all these lovelies showcased here were found. The Life Archives have made being a classic film fan even more fun than before!











I wish a very happy belated birthday to Miss Millie!



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7 responses to “A Belated (But Happy Nonetheless) Birthday Wish

  1. Happy Birthday Millie :D
    That bottom left picture of Ingy is wonderful!! I love Life photos, don’t they always have a spontaneous, beautiful quality to them??

  2. OMG! THIS IS AMAZING! Thanks so much, Casey! I loooooooooooove Life photos! And, uh, thanks for linking to my post! ;-D

  3. Kate – Yes the bottom left picture! It’s like a classic chiaroscuro painting! Also very film noir. I love that one, too. The Life photos really are so wonderful. They had amazing photographers!

    Millie – Heehee! You are quite welcome! :D

  4. I just love the way you folks all wish each other happy birthday!
    It’s June 20th; I adore Fay Wray; I’ll say no more…

  5. Haha Matthew! Point taken. June 20, Fay Wray…I’ll remember. :)

  6. Lyssa

    Thank you for leaving a comment! Very sweet of you! You do such great job on your blog and I am on my first steps…I feel contemplated. Thank you! If you don’t mind I will put your DIY next week (w George) on my blog. I will give you all the credits that you deserve! lol

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