Musings from a Moonspinner

My dear non-fleshie friends Kate and Millie (newly returned from exciting adventures in Sierra Leone!) have been nagging me for a long time to watch the Hayley Mills dream fest The Moonspinners (1964). Well I finally got my chance to see it (thank you so much, Kate!) and boy oh boy were they right about it’s scathing brilliance! I’ll share some of my reactions with you in a lovely picspam.

^the theme: I watched this over again three times before I actually started the film. Such a marvelous song. I was thrilled to find it on YouTube!

^Joan Greenwood and Michael Davis as Aunt Frances and Alexis. I think Michael Davis is a lot like Kate’s brother. Agree or disagree?

^Eli Wallach as the evil Uncle Stratos. A dramatic switch from the last film I saw him in, Babydoll.

^Once of the first good glimpses of Peter McEnery…isn’t he a dish?

^Hayley was SO lucky!

^The famous pink outfit! Kate, Millie & I find it hugely inspiring. I’m already working on a reproduction version of the top in my head.

^Better view of the shirt. See the amazingness? A button front and crazy tie belt. OH, and see who the other lady is? Irene Papas! I only knew her from Zorba the Greek, so I was glad she actually had lines in this film.

^And an amazing swingy back. I bet you are wondering where the belt is! And notice the red canvas shoes…red and pink…hmm. Normally I wouldn’t attempt such a combination, but Hayley really pulls it off.

^Pete is shot in the shoulder of the arm she’s pulling. He’s in huge pain and she pulls his bad arm?! Hayley! What were you thinking?!

^Eli is either really afraid or he’s been running around in the hot Greek sun too much…

^Lovely crazy cats! There are tons of them!

^Well, you’d run too if cats were hissing at you!

^Wow, Hayley Mills with a rifle! She must really love the guy…

^Wolf in sheep’s clothing, maybe?

^This has got to be one of the craziest scenes of all time: Joan Greenwood riding in a hearse with Hayley and Peter in the back, trying to get through a street celebration and being attacked by bizarre revelers!

^EhHEM! Just when did Hayley learn to drive a speedboat?

^Cats are everywhere in this film! Look at this unbelievable cat bed! Lap of luxury for kitty!

^I was so sad when it ended. Did anyone else think it ended rather abruptly?

I highly recommend The Moonspinners, if you get a chance to watch it. It is on DVD (thankfully, and only because it was a Disney movie): Amazon, Half, Ebay.

Happy Thanksgiving darlings! :D


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8 responses to “Musings from a Moonspinner

  1. Millie


    This movie is so amazing! You make me go want to watch it again!

    But, hey, Peter’s mine! I saw the movie a full five years before you! And already declared it, so there! ;-D

    Gosh, the pink outfit! Inspiring is right! I’ve been wanting to do a spiffy post on it! I think maybe I will, since it’s Thanksgiving weekend!

    I totally think those red canvas shoes she’s wearing were the inspiration for TOMS! I mean just look: and those were one of the first styles of TOMS!

    Anyways, great post! Now, I’m totally gonna do a Spiffy post on her outfit!

  2. Fantastic post!!!! I am definitely watching this again after Nicola!! :D

    If you figure out how to make that top you should open an etsy store and sell them! You know me & Millie would buy them in a heartbeat!!!

    I really need to watch it again anyway to see if that kid is really like Kyle! I guess I did find him a little annoying ;)

  3. Millie– Uh uh! I am not just handing over Peter to you! First dibs or not! ;) I’d love to see a Spiffy post on the pink outfit! You are totally right about those shoes! The resemblance to your TOMS is amazing.

    Kate– Thanks! :D I’m buying my own copy of it soon, because I’ve been going through withdrawal since I sent it to Nicola. If I figure out how to make the shirt, I’ll send you and Millie my first samples. I didn’t even know about it until you told me! I can’t wait to see what you think of Alexis. I didn’t think he was annoying, just Kyle-like. :)

  4. Mel

    I remember watching this long time ago!!! I have the DVD somewhere around the house, but for some reason I can’t remember the plot! Hayley looks cute in that pink outfit, I really love it! I think I’ll go dig it up and watch it again!

  5. You know, as a kid I always had a such a huge crush on Hayley Mills. It’s been years since I’ve seen The Moonspinners. I guess I should watch it again!

  6. Mel– You have the DVD?! Lucky you!! You absolutely HAVE to dig it up and watch it again! :)

    Mercurie– Hayley is just so amazing, I think we all just can help loving her. Please do watch The Moonspinners again! I’d love to hear what you think afterward.

  7. KC

    My favorite movie wardrobe ever! Every single thing Hayley wears in this movie is amazing.

  8. I love this movie. I haven’t seen it in years, I tried to get it from my local library. No luck. Keep hoping it will show up on TCM.

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