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Posh Frock Friday

Dress: Thrifted

Hat: TJ Maxx (I think – it was long ago)

Shoes: Anthropologie – my only Anthro pair!

Shawl: Target

Scarf/Snood: Vintage (It’s a triangle head scarf I tied the wrong way to make a snood. I’ll do a tutorial, if anyone’s interested.)

Clutch: Vintage

Gloves: Vintage


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Posh Frock Friday

Skirt suit: Vintage from LoLa Vintage

Lace scarf: borrowed from my mom, tied in a make-shift snood

Shoes: Aris Allen

I went dancing tonight! For the first time ever! It was loads of fun, even though I knew absolutely nothing when my brother and I walked in the door. Happily for me, my brother has been dancing for a year, so he helped me along when I messed up.

Those fabulous Aris Allen shoes are special suede soled ballroom dancing shoes. Very comfortable and secure for dancing, but can’t be worn around regularly or the soles are ruined. I was thrilled to find the Aris Allen brand (thanks so much to Andi for the tip!) because they are the only dancing shoe company out there with reproduction designs. If a vintage girl is taking up dancing, there is no reason for her to suffer with yucky modern looking shoes!


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Posh Frock Sunday

Here I am, late for Posh Frock Friday once again. Oh well, better late than never!

Hooded sweater: Anthropologie

Turtleneck: Target

Skirt: Handmade by me! It’s faux suede, sewn from this vintage pattern

Tights: Target

Wedge boots: Audrey Wedges from Topshop – these wedges have been the happiest purchase for me this winter. They allow me to wear skirts when we have 4″ of snow on the ground – which is almost always!


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Posh Frock Friday on Sunday

It’s been a hectic week, so I’m Posh Frock Friday-ing here on Sunday, instead. My outfit is inspired by 40s war-working women. You may think I’ve gone all exotic on you, but actually the turban is a stylish hiding place for my pincurls.

Dress – handmade by me! You may remember this post asking for guidance on fabric choices?

Turban – scarf from Walmart. Tying instructions here.

Shoes – Newport News. These are my Carmen Miranda shoes – 4 inch heels!


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