Happy Birthday Kate!!!

Today is my dear friend Kate‘s birthday! To celebrate, I’ve rounded up some terrific links about her favorite actor, Dirk Bogarde. Since Kate has become a one-woman PR machine for Dirk, I think she’ll be thrilled to have more people learn about him. Be sure to click through and read about England’s most handsome and talented actor!

The Dirk Bogarde Estate…a goldmine of Dirk’s body of work. Not only was he an accomplished actor, but he was an artist and writer, too!

Dirk Bogarde’s Letters from the UK Telegraph…a two part series revealing his wit and intellect (Part One) (Part Two)

The Dirk Bogarde Pool on Flickr…Yeah, Kate started it and it is a glorious collection of DB goodness!

Discovering Dirk Bogarde on Silents and Talkies…Kate’s blog is the foremost authority on Dirk Bogarde films. If you haven’t seen her efforts, you are truly missing out!

So, have a marvelously Happy Birthday today, Kate!!

I really wish I could be with you when you play TCM Scene It! :)


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5 responses to “Happy Birthday Kate!!!

  1. Thank you so much Casey!!!! I wish you could be here to play too!! :D

  2. Happy Birthday Kate!!!!!!

  3. Such a cool idea for Kate’s birthday, Casey! Happy birthday, Kate!

  4. I just realized I forgot to say that that picture in the middle is FANTASTIC! :D

  5. Kate– I’m thrilled you like the post! Isn’t that center photo dreamy? I’ll drop it into the DB pool if its not already there. :)

    Mercurie– Thanks!

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