Happy Birthday Matthew!

Why hello my lovely friends! Yes, I am still in existence, though you wouldn’t know it from my posting frequency. Many apologies. I’m here to begin to remedy that sad situation.

One of my favorite bloggers, Mr. Matthew Coniam, (of Movietone News) celebrated his birthday on June 20 and I would like to extend him best wishes for another year of movie watching. Matthew’s blog always drives me to try harder as a writer and blogger because his posts are so darn good. Case in point: his recent tribute to the incredible Jane Russell. The post is full of hilarious zingers, my favorite of which lies in his discussion of Jane and Marilyn Monroe. Go read the post, I’ll wait for you……………………………………. See what I mean?

Whenever a blogger friend celebrates a birthday, I like to use the occasion to learn more about their favorite stars. Matthew is a man of many classic film crushes, but he is most devoted to the gorgeous Fay Wray.

He has written several posts on the glories of Fay, so I won’t even attempt to compete with his prose. You can celebrate his birthday by delighting in them for yourselves.

Any port in a drought

Ten recommendations from 1931 – including 2 of Matthew’s Fay picks

Also be sure to check out Matthew’s new blog: Movietone Cameos – his new place for short film reviews!




I leave you now, with a quote from Fay, letting us in on a truly valuable secret of life:

I would say the secret is to be enthusiastic about everything that comes into your life. To care, to care about people. To be excited about everything that comes close to you.

– Fay Wray


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4 responses to “Happy Birthday Matthew!

  1. Happy Birthday Matthew!!

  2. Wow!! I wasn’t expecting this at all!!!
    I’m stunned and honoured – plus it’s great to see Noir Girl up and running again.
    Thanks so much, Casey.


  3. Happy Birthday again, Matthew! You’re awesome!

  4. Thanks Kate & Millie!

    Matthew – I’m thrilled you liked it! Happy Birthday again. :)

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