Posh Frock Friday on Sunday

It’s been a hectic week, so I’m Posh Frock Friday-ing here on Sunday, instead. My outfit is inspired by 40s war-working women. You may think I’ve gone all exotic on you, but actually the turban is a stylish hiding place for my pincurls.

Dress – handmade by me! You may remember this post asking for guidance on fabric choices?

Turban – scarf from Walmart. Tying instructions here.

Shoes – Newport News. These are my Carmen Miranda shoes – 4 inch heels!


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6 responses to “Posh Frock Friday on Sunday

  1. at first glance I totally thought you were wearing this dress! http://www.modcloth.com/store/ModCloth/Blog/Fall+Flavors/Squash/Soda+Fountain+Dress+in+Ginger
    I can’t believe you handmade that, it’s so excellent!

  2. You look lovely and I envy your figure! :-)


    Oh yeah.

    I love the dress; I am also slightly frightened by your extraordinary sewing skills. ;-D


    Oh my gosh.


  4. kate

    Oh my gosh!!! You MADE that dress?!?! It’s amazing!!!! I’m honestly so awe-struck.. I mean the detail on the waistband, the collar, everything!! And I adore your shoes, too! :D

  5. Sarah– Heehee! Having already finished this dress was my excuse for not buying that Modcloth one. I desperately wanted it!
    Raquelle– Aww, thanks!
    Millie– I’m happy to impart my skills to you. We can have Frightening Sewing School! ;D So glad you like the turban!
    Thanks, Kate! It was lots of fun to make. Wearing made me long for the days when I actually had control of my spare time. ;) Glad you like the shoes! Those are one of my favorite pairs.

  6. Oh my! You’re absolutely talented. I can’t believe the dress was handmade. It’s so pretty! It’s a vintage inspired dress with a twist. You really did a great job! :p

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