Posh Frock Friday

Dress: Thrifted

Hat: TJ Maxx (I think – it was long ago)

Shoes: Anthropologie – my only Anthro pair!

Shawl: Target

Scarf/Snood: Vintage (It’s a triangle head scarf I tied the wrong way to make a snood. I’ll do a tutorial, if anyone’s interested.)

Clutch: Vintage

Gloves: Vintage


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4 responses to “Posh Frock Friday

  1. ahhhh your shoes are amazing!! And you take the most gorgeous outfit pictures, seriously! I love the setting, you look like you’re in a BBC miniseries that takes place in the 1940’s English countryside! :D

  2. Ha, thanks Kate! I can’t take any credit for the photos, they are all my brother’s handiwork. He’s a photography whiz! I love your analogy – if only Mr. Darcy would appear from around the corner! *sigh*

  3. Thanks so much for the award, Audrey! Here is my acceptance post for it: https://caseykoester.wordpress.com/2011/08/27/award-fun/

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