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A New Recording Log Book

Remember last year when many of the classic film bloggers gave little sneak peeks into their Entertainment Centers? Raquelle was the genius who thought it up, and we all had fun showing off our viewing areas. I showed you this book and told you how I used it to keep my Now Playing guide and my little notebook of daily recording logs:Well, that book was a great disgrace. It was nothing but a cheap three ring binder that I covered in leftover wallpaper (and not too neatly, either). At the time I made it, it was the height of my talents but I have long since outgrown it. Disgrace decided to bust its seams about 2 months ago, but as I was in the middle of a semester at the time, there was nothing I could do about it. It’s been driving me crazy every time I had to gingerly pick the thing up and squeeze it a certain way to avoid spilling all my precious notes and papers on the floor. No more! Meet my brand new Recording Log Book, designed and made by me from scratch:

It’s covered in the same leftover wallpaper as that other disgrace one, but infinitely neater and cleaner this time. The contrast black accents on the front and inside are poster board. It closes with an elastic loop secured around a huge button. I didn’t buy anything to make this book except two screws and two nuts (see below). Everything I used I already had and quite a few things are re-purposed.

The short little cover flap opens and has my log notebook secured with a gold elastic band from a candy box (I can’t bear to throw anything away. I’ve been saving that decoration for years!) The pens I use for writing on discs and in my notebooks are just clipped on the rings of the small book.

Open the large cover flap and you’ll find the latest copy of Now Playing turned to today’s date, tucked into acetate corners. I pulled the 3 ring binder piece from the old binder and attached it to this new one. (This is the only place where I spent money… I had to buy two screws and two nuts to hold the binder insert on. They cost a total of $0.75 in my local hardware store.) I use the plain large notebook to jot down film titles I want to remember or clothes ideas from films. Farther back in the notebook are my VHS and DVD library listings. I write them in the book first, then type them into my computer databases.

All the way in the back of the notebook and star listings are the most recent back issues of Now Playing in an acetate pocket. (more photos here)

Overall, I’m pleased with how this new book turned out. I wish I had planned a place for un-finalized DVDs, maybe an old spindle cut from the DVD packaging and attached somehow. However, the new layout makes it so much easier to plan my recordings for the day and I don’t have to worry about losing my papers when I pick the book up. Goodbye, so long, farewell to Disgrace!

So, what would your book look like? Have an idea for something I missed? Do let me know!


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