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Snood Perfection for the Unconvinced

If my dual tutorials (1, 2) have not been enough to convince you, my dear readers, of snood excellence, I present a final piece of imagery: the beautiful and talented Beth Riesgraf in the most recent episode of Leverage.

As Parker, Beth dons a gorgeous range of outfits – sweaters from Anthropologie, hats of all descriptions, blouses with peter pan collars and sometimes even fluffy feathered dresses, but the black lace snood and matching dress above are my favorites by far.

It also helps that Beth wore this outfit for perhaps the most “classic Parker” moment of this season:

ELIOT: Did you take a bite of all these?
PARKER: Well, I had to see which one I wanted.

**a big thank you to leverage-caps.tumblr.com and fishnightlight.tumblr.com for screencapping the episode so meticulously**


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