Mary Martin & Larry Hagman, circa 1940

Yesterday on Twitter, I asked my followers if the fact that Larry Hagman is Mary Martin‘s son is well known. I received a resounding YES in reply – I think I must be the only person alive who didn’t know this! I put forth the query because I found the above article in a vintage movie magazine – the May 1940 issue of Modern Screen, to be precise. In the caption of the large photo of Mary Martin, it speaks of her 8-year-old son Larry Hagman. I read the name and kept thinking, “Larry Hagman, I know who that is!” Upon examination of his IMDb page, I noticed his real name is Larry Hageman, so I went to check if his name was spelled this way in the article. Nope – it’s Hagman, his stage name. Kinda amazing that Mary had already changed his name so early in life!*

He’s only mentioned twice in the article – once in the photo caption, and once at the end of the text on the first page. But it’s really interesting nonetheless. Why bring him up at all? Why use his full name that way? Ah, the mysteries of classic Hollywood!

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*See Linda’s wonderful comment below – IMDb is wrong. She provides great insight into the truth about Larry’s last name.


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7 responses to “Mary Martin & Larry Hagman, circa 1940

  1. No, I never knew that!! Count me in as another dropped jaw!
    Looooove Mary Martin.

  2. Patricia! Very happy to see a comment from you pop up! Hehee, glad I’m not alone in my lack of Larry Hagman knowledge. ;) I adore Mary Martin, too. Such a vibrant, fun lady!

  3. Ann

    I had no idea of that either. And I count myself as usually pretty up on such things.

  4. LindaMc62 from Twitter – Thanks for posting this! Love to see VERY early Larry Hagman stuff. The bio on IMDB is incorrect – Larry’s real name is in fact Hagman. Very early in his career, when he was still a teenager, Larry changed the spelling to Hageman to try to get people to pronounce the name differently. It didn’t work and he changed it back. It’s a Swedish name, not sure how it was originally pronounced! Did you know that Mary Martin and Larry Hagman made a record together in 1950? It was even written up in Time! Larry was also in South Pacific with his mother in London in 1951-1952.

  5. Isn’t it neat, Anne? I adore famous Hollywood connections. :) Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Hiya Linda! Wow, thanks so much for this great history! The clarification of the name makes way more sense. Shame on IMDb! About the record, did Larry sing? I had no idea he was a singer!

  7. Larry’s not a singer, but he’s tried a few times in the distant past. The two songs he did with his mother are on two different Mary Martin CDs. Mary Martin My Heart Belongs contains “Get Out Those Old Records” with Larry, and Mary Martin Anything Goes/Bandwagon has “You’re Just in Love” with Larry. That one had altered lyrics to suit them. It’s on my web site here:
    Larry called his mother Mimi, and she called him Luke or Lukey – you can hear her call him Lukey in the song!

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