Patricia Hammond at The Poppy Factory

Great news for my UK friends! Patricia Hammond will be singing a short set of tunes accompanied by the Lovely Parlour Trio at The Poppy Factory on November 11 in honor of Remembrance Day. Located in Richmond, Surrey, The Poppy Factory employs a team of 45 disabled ex-servicemen and women in the task of making commemorative poppies for The Royal British Legion’s annual Appeal and Remembrance Day. These talented people even make the wreaths laid by Her Majesty the Queen and other Members of the Royal Family during the Remembrance Day services! Quite an amazing honor.

If any of you are in the area, do pop in and have a listen to Patricia. And please drop me a comment and share what it was like! I wish I could be there to experience it for myself.

Friday, November 11, 2011 – 11am – The Poppy Factory, Richmond, Surrey

Oh, and while we’re talking of Patricia – she uploaded a new video of a live performance of Yours for us! It’s marvelous to see her and the Lovely Parlour Trio in action.

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