A Nice Cup of Tea with Patricia

For those of you who enjoyed my interview with sweet-voiced Patricia Hammond (part 1, part 2), I have a treat today! In anticipation of the release of Patricia’s new EP on October 23, her label has released one of the tunes free for your downloading pleasure! Click the photo above and have a listen to Honeysuckle and the Bee.

I have had the great privilege of listening to A Nice Cup of Tea – a four track EP coming out in a few weeks – in advance of the release date.

The four songs on the EP are:

  1. A Nice Cup Of Tea – this song will be remembered as a jingle for a 1970s tea advert but was a lovely little number from the 1930s made famous by Binnie Hale. Patricia found the sheet music at Oxfam. The arrangement involves spoons, glockenspiel, a ukulele, a kazoo and a whistling chorus.
  2. Let Him Go, Let Him Tarry – an Irish folk-song, sung by the actress Jean Simmons in the classic film “The Way to the Stars,” one of the greatest British War films ever made. This version has a spontaneous barberhop-quartet singalong..
  3. The Honeysuckle and the Bee – The hit song from a 1901 show at the Vaudeville Theatre entitled Bluebell in Fairyland. One of Patricia’s most-requested numbers.
  4. We’ll Gather Lilacs – Ivor Novello wrote this for his show Perchance To Dream in 1945, and here it’s given an intimate, chamber arrangement to reflect the hope in its lyrics.

The descriptions above are from the disc jacket, so if you’re in the States and have no recollection of a 1970’s tea advertisement featuring A Nice Cup of Tea, take heart. It was only aired in the UK and is sadly unavailable on YouTube (believe me, I searched!)

My favorite tune of the four is Let Him Go, Let Him Tarry. Patricia’s rendition is bubbly, bright and lots of fun. I dare you to listen to it and keep still! The description above is quite right, the tune was sung by Jean Simmons in 1945. But my memory of it comes from a lesser known Noir called A Woman’s Secret (1949) with Maureen O’Hara, Melvyn Douglas and Gloria Grahame. Maureen sings it in the beginning of the film with great spirit – just as I picture Patricia singing it!

So, have listen to Honeysuckle and the Bee and get ready to be impressed with the new EP!

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