CSSA: Skirt Finished!

Well, the skirt is finished! This week, I hemmed up the bottom using the machine rolled hem method from Casey’s Hem Post. Before I settled on this method, I sewed that famed horsehair braid on the hem. It really IS magic stuff. It gave the hem a life of its own, pushing it out in lovely curves all around. But alas, it didn’t seem right for the lightweight fabric I’m using, so I removed it and went for the machine rolled hem instead. Behold the beautifulness of a completely hemmed skirt!

Have a look at the skirt laid flat. It’s an honest to goodness circle!

Up next, those scalloped suspenders – at the finish of which I promise I’ll model the ensemble!




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2 responses to “CSSA: Skirt Finished!

  1. Your skirt looks amazing. Great job! Can’t wait to see those scalloped suspenders. And can you tell us more about your gorgeous collection of luggage?

  2. Thank you so much, Raquelle! :D Ahh, the luggage! There’s actually a neat story connected with it. We have quite a bit of it because we lived in the Midwest and it was pretty inexpensive there. Some of it we’ve had in our family for quite a while, since I was little. But a lot of it only came into our family earlier this year when I bought a bunch of vintage luggage as an accent for my thesis project. After it’s big debut in an art gallery with my project, all the pieces now live a life of luxury stacked in our living room. I keep our office supplies in them! :)

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