CSSA: Zipper and Waistband

Well, I’m making progress with my circle skirt! All caught up with the instructions and waiting to learn how to use the horsehair braid to hem the bottom. This week, I sewed in the zipper (vintage metal – my favorite!) decided on my waistband shape and drafted, interfaced and sewed it on.

Oh – you will notice that I’m not using the fabric from my supplies post. I discovered that the lovely plaid I was going to use for this wasn’t quite enough. I only had 3 1/2 yards and needed 4. So, I raided my fabric stash and came up with just the right amount of this cherry red cotton pique. Happy ending!

[Please excuse the bad lighting in that photo. It’s been raining here for more than a week and picture taking is difficult!]

Of course, as soon as I finished the waistband, I tried it on. Goodness gracious, I’ve never been so thrilled to wear a skirt in my life. The fabric flows from the waist in such a beautiful way, it’s like magic. And the swirling! I twirled and swirled in this for a good ten minutes before I was content. Every girl needs one of these skirts. It comes under the heading of Mandatory Morale Booster.I think I miscalculated in my measurements because I don’t have the overlap at the back of the waistband for the closure. It’ll be all right though, I’ll just sew the hook and eyes close to the edge and make it line up.

A little touch of gingham ribbon on the inside of the waistband here.

Up next:

Scalloped suspenders! I’m working on the measurements for these now. These will be checked and double checked for perfection! I’m leaning towards using big covered buttons to attach them. What do you think – is there something better?


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6 responses to “CSSA: Zipper and Waistband

  1. ahh this is AMAZING! I love the fabric you picked, and it just looks so incredibly professional. And I’m in LOVE with the suspenders idea! It’s going to look amazing! I think big fabric covered buttons would look fantastic, too!

    ps. I love how you ended up doing watermarks! They’re absolutely perfect!

  2. So glad you like it, Kate! I’m terribly excited about the suspenders. Have to keep reminding myself to take it slow so I don’t mess it up! And thanks about the watermarks! It’s a takeoff of a motif I created for some college presentations. ;D

  3. I now want a skirt like this. It looks so twirl-able!

  4. Oh, Audrey it IS! It’s actually really simple to make, too. The trick is not to break the bank buying the fabric for it! ;D

  5. i am SO JEALOUS of your sewing skills. I love the fact that what we call braces are called suspenders in the USA. Suspenders are something very different here in the UK that’s for sure, you wear these UNDER your skirt her in blighty…

  6. Aww, Jenny – don’t be jealous, you could easily learn to sew yourself! Heeheee, it’s SO true about braces/suspenders. What you call suspenders are what we call garter belts. Definitely a different meaning there! ;D

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