Circle Skirt Sew Along

Over at Elegant Musings, Casey is hosting her second sew along: making a circle skirt. I’m thrilled to be playing along this time because I was truly sad I couldn’t participate when she hosted her Swing Dress Sew-along earlier this year. College obligations took center stage then, but I am happily liberated from them now!

Because I have recently become enamored with Pinterest (thanks to the ever lovely Kate), I created a board of inspiration for my skirt here. From this, I determined my skirt must have two key features: a high waistband (possibly with matching suspenders) and pockets (if I end up doing the suspenders, these would be inside pockets).

The supplies for my skirt have been acquired: fabric, zipper, horsehair braid and Petersham ribbon. I followed Casey’s link and bought the horsehair braid and Petersham ribbon from A Fashionable Stitch. I’m thrilled with the purchase and highly recommend checking out the shop. My fabric is a 54″ plaid twill.

The other part of the sewalong is making a petticoat, a skill I have wished I add to my arsenal of sewing knowledge for ages. My selections for this were limited to what my local Joann’s had, so it will be plain black net.

Up next is drafting the pattern!


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7 responses to “Circle Skirt Sew Along

  1. I *love* the suspenders idea, and I can’t believe you’re making your own petticoat! :-O That is so so neat!!!

  2. I love your inspiration board! I’ve been seeing a lot about Pinterest recently, might have to check it out! Good luck with your skirt, I am looking forward to seeing how everyone does. :D

  3. Hi Littlefoot,
    Thanks! Ahh, Pinterest. I have both a Tumblr and a Polyvore, but neither is as good for gathering inspiring images in one place as Pinterest. Let me know if you’d like an invite – I’ll be happy to send one your way! And thanks! I’m very excited about my skirt. As I was going through my fabric stash the other day, I realized I have a large swath of bright red cherry cotton pique. I may be making two skirts! I’m heading over to your blog right now to check out your fabrics. Can’t wait to see!
    Thanks so much for stopping by,

  4. Ooh, thanks Kate! I have quite a fondness for suspenders, especially ones that match a skirt! One of my favorite winter outfits is a black velvet suspender skirt from Anthro. ;) AHH yes, the petticoat! Maybe you could join in on that part of the sew along? The materials are quite inexpensive and you could have it in any color you wanted (even grapefruit!).

  5. Hi Casey, an invitation would be great! Thank you! xx

  6. Okie doke, just sent one your way, Littlefoot! :)

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