New Album from…Doris Day!

While waiting in a long supermarket checkout line yesterday, a splashy tabloid headline caught my eye: “Doris Day making comeback!” It surprised me so much, I actually picked up the rag for a better look. I figured they couldn’t possibly be telling the truth, but vowed to find out exactly how true it was the moment I got home. Turns out – Doris Day IS releasing a new album! It’s a set of previously unreleased songs produced by her son, Terry Melcher. Among the dozen tracks on the disc are two unexpected favorites: Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries and You Are So Beautiful. The main release of September 5 is geared for the UK, though I can’t see any official reason why. However, I would guess the bosses at Sony assume an album by a beloved classic singer will be better received there than here in Doris’ homeland. Never fear, though – if you’re in the US you can order the CD from Amazon and it will be shipped from the UK.

While searching around for information about the release, I found this great article in the UK Telegraph comparing the innocence of Doris to the cheap sexuality of Amy Childs (a British reality TV star). Thank heavens someone, somewhere still understands the beauty of modesty and class!

Preorder here: Amazon US, Amazon UK, iTunes UK


Editor’s note: This is officially my 100th blog post. Yay! ;)


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6 responses to “New Album from…Doris Day!

  1. I’m so excited! Great to be hearing from her again. :)

  2. Join the facebook page:

    Doris Day to be (finally) Honored by the Oscars?

  3. Audrey – I’m quite excited about the release, too! I hope it is well received and becomes a great success!

  4. Hi David – thank you for commenting with your Facebook page link. I agree, it’s time Doris was honored with an Oscar. Too many of the classic stars have been neglected by the Academy.

  5. I knew you’d be excited, Millie! :D

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