Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Estate Auction

Doyle New York will be auctioning the Estate of Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. on September 13, 2011. Among the items for sale are several lovely portraits of DFJ and collections of movie memorabilia. Also, his gorgeous red chair and desk.

You can view the entire catalog online here.

This is such an odd post for me to write. Even though I am fully aware my beloved Douglas Fairbanks Jr. departed from this earth 11 years ago, I always assume he’s still here – swashing and buckling his way to many a lady’s heart. When I began seeing reports of an auction of his personal effects, it stirred mixed feelings. As an avid DFJ lover, it excited me to get to see (and perhaps even acquire) some of his personal belongings. But it also saddened me, because there is something so tragic about the loss of treasured items – especially when the items are sold at auction to the highest bidder. I sincerely hope each piece goes home with someone who appreciates how special it is.

View the entire catalog online here.


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2 responses to “Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Estate Auction

  1. The Corsican Brothers souvenir is adorable.

    An acquaintance who worked in Canadian television met Mr. Fairbanks and was totally charmed. No surprise.

  2. Patricia – Isn’t it? They even say “Swash” and “Buckle” on the stands! You know someone who met him? How perfectly thrilling! What a lucky person!

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