The Turbans of Ellery Queen

Having recently acquired the new Ellery Queen boxset for a song*, my mom and I are pouring over the episodes with glee. The series star, Jim Hutton, is much admired in our house, not only for his superior acting abilities, adorable persona and quality films but also because he is the father of another favorite star: Timothy Hutton. (My reasons for adoring Timothy Hutton are too numerous for discussion today – they will be elaborated upon in another post.) Watching Ellery Queen is twice as nice for us because we are fans of Tim Hutton and have seen his work in many films and TV shows. He shares traits and characteristics with his father that are impossible to miss and great fun to spot.

As we make our way through the episodes, I’ve delightfully noticed a fashion statement of which I heartily approve. I give you: The Turbans of Ellery Queen!

From the top we have:

Kim Hunter in Too Many Suspects

Susan Strasburg in The Adventure of Lover’s Leap

Betty White in The Adventure of Miss Aggie’s Farewell Performance

Pernell Roberts in The Adventure of Colonel Nivin’s Memoirs

This next one is not a turban, but I feel the need to include it because Betty White never looked so good:

*Right now, in Costco and Sam’s Club the Ellery Queen DVD set is on sale for a mere $30 – which is better than the Amazon price. Snatch it up if you see it!


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6 responses to “The Turbans of Ellery Queen

  1. Ha! I spilled my tea when Pernell Roberts came up.

    “Ellery Queen” was not only perfectly cast, they really created a sublime ambiance. The cancellation was the only time (I was a teenager at the time) I ever wrote a letter of protest to a network.

  2. Hi Patricia! Hehee, very glad you enjoyed the inclusion of Pernell. ;) It’s so incredible that you wrote your only protest letter to a network for Ellery Queen. I did the very same thing for Nero Wolfe (Timothy Hutton’s show) when I was a teenager. I even made special stationary for the letter with orchids at the top, in the hopes it would get noticed. My letter didn’t stop the cancellation, but I’m very glad I defended quality television when I had the chance.

  3. I remember when I saw the first ad for A&E’s “Nero Wolfe”. Timothy Hutton as Archie?! Perfect! He really put everything into the show and it worked beautifully. By that time, I was too jaded to bother protesting. Sigh.

  4. Patricia, Oh gosh, I know. Timothy Hutton was the best choice for Archie. No one else will ever be as good as him. And yes, one of the reasons the show worked so well was his incredible dedication. It’s so sad how every show with any promise at all gets canceled by the network. It’s as if the networks are determined to stop all quality programming!

  5. Ooh, this looks amazing. I love a nice turban! I don’t think this made it to UK tele – will have to seek it out on DVD – Jx

  6. Jenny – Thanks! How sad you have been deprived of Ellery Queen. I hope you can find the DVDs – they are all really worth watching! The mysteries are true brain teasers. It’s hard to figure out who the murderers are!

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