Music for the Vintage Lover

For some time, I’ve been aware of a void in my wide circle of vintage involvement. Yes, I have the clothes, the hairstyles, the slang words, the movies, the dancing, and the music from days gone by. But, while all the other areas are experiencing revivals with modern twists at the moment, I couldn’t find a place where vintage music was flourishing in the capable hands of modern artists… Until now, that is.

Let me introduce you to a very lovely lady: Patricia Hammond.Patricia is a mezzo-soprano singer with an undying appreciation for what she likes to call “old songs” – classic vintage tunes from the 1900s through the 40s. She’s a performer in the style of Deanna Durbin, Alice Faye and Jane Powell and the range of her repertoire impresses even the most diehard vintage lovers. And because Deanna Durbin has been a major source of inspiration for her, Can’t Help Singing (the title song from one of Deanna’s technicolor spectacle films) appears on Patricia’s new not-yet-released album, Our Lovely Day.

I was given the unforgettable opportunity to speak with Patricia direct from England and have prepared two posts full of links, videos and fascinating tidbits for you to get to know her. Look for the first installment right above this post and the second tomorrow. And be sure and listen to the first few tracks of Our Lovely Day over at Patricia’s site!


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2 responses to “Music for the Vintage Lover

  1. Thanks so much for bringing back to life some of the great songs of the 1900’s, especially those of Deanna Durbin. I will post a link about your site and new album on my Deanna Durbin Devotees website for fans to enjoy.

    Very best wishes,


  2. Welcome, Alex! Thank you so much for linking to Patricia for Deanna’s fans. And thanks for dropping by and commenting!

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