Posh Frock Friday!

Today I’m playing along with Kate’s new event: Posh Frock Fridays. Here’s the idea: we all get dolled up in our prettiest duds (just because we can) and while we’re at it, we snap a photo to show. Behold, my entry!

Dress: sewn by me!

Cropped jacket: inherited from my grandmother

Faux-fur scarf: vintage from gwenevere24

Faux-fur hat: vintage from Sadie ‘n Stella

Shoes: Emily’s Closet

Bracelet and earrings: Burlington Coat Factory

Nailpolish: China Rouge from China Glaze

Advantageous mask: vintage travel stationery from a local antique shop

Fun fact about this outfit: This is what I wore when I presented my senior project to the faculty several weeks ago. It made the whole experience feel like a Noir adventure!



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15 responses to “Posh Frock Friday!

  1. Audrey

    Love this! Your hair is especially cool. I am impressed that you made the dress…and what a gorgeous hat!

  2. Love your dress but your hair! Looks amazing. =D
    -Andi x

  3. Jen

    Loving the dress, and your shoes for that matter. Oh and your hair! I’m in the process of growing mine out so I can play more :)

  4. I love that you wore this to your senior presentation, you look so professional! Love that hat too, oh my.

    I spy little flappers! :D

  5. Very nice, Casey! You look like you stepped out of a film noir!

  6. Wow guys, thank you for all the positive feedback!

    Audrey and Andi, thanks!
    Jen – Can’t wait to see what you try with your new longer hair. If you need help, I’d be happy to offer tips!
    Sarah – Thanks! And VERY good eye. I hope Kate noticed!
    Mercurie – Wow, a high compliment, thank you!

  7. kate gabrielle

    wow Casey!! You seriously look like a Noir Girl! I love the veiled hat & collar and I can’t believe you made that dress!!! Well, I can because you are the seamstress extraordinaire! ;-D And I love your shoes!

  8. kate gabrielle

    oh I did notice the flappers!! hehe!! Just read through the comments ;-D

  9. wow. This is amazing.

  10. Oh wow! I’m so amazed to see an actual picture of you. :-) You look so fabulous! And that dress is amazing, I wish I had your sewing skills. Love the scarf and the hat combo. Totally completes the outfit. :-)

  11. Thank you so much, Kate! Compliments from our PFF organizer are most treasured! I’m glad you noticed the flappers. I usually have that lovely card by my work desk, but moved it for these shots as a little tribute to you.

    Heehee, thanks Millie-me-dear!

    Aww, thanks, Raquelle! I guess it must be odd to finally sort of “see me.” I hope I look as you thought I would. :)

  12. I love the outfit. So pretty!

  13. Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a stylish blogger award!

    Love and Glamour,


  14. Every detail is perfect — you look fabulous! I launched a new blog on film noir, http://www.filmnoirblonde.com. Hope you’ll check it out. FNB

  15. I adore the touches of leopard with the all-black outfit. I have a couple of leopard hats but none of with netting. Very classy outfit!

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