New art!

Hello friends! I’m woefully behind in answering your lovely comments, but I promise, I will soon. In the meantime, would you like to have a guess as to the subject of my latest portrait? This is my first caricature, rendered in vectors (infinitely scalable graphics to you) and created entirely in Adobe Illustrator CS5.

So, who is this? Extra bonus points for additional information about the character, if you know it.



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5 responses to “New art!

  1. Is it Johnny Seven as Shirley Maclaine’s brother-in-law in The Apartment?

  2. Oh all right then. I’m thinking it’s Mr and Mrs Brando’s little boy Marlon in The Wild One.

  3. Haha, Matthew! I just read your comments and when I finished that first one, I was quite puzzled. I didn’t think Shirley had a b-i-l. ;D So yes, you are correct – Marlon in The Wild Ones is right. I was very excited when we had class critique for this piece because several of the guys in my class actually knew the film!

  4. Happy birthday, Casey!

  5. Did you know the copyright on the song ‘Happy Birthday To You’ finally runs out this year?

    Strange but true!

    While we’re waiting I’ll just write it:


    (And Fay sends her love.)

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