Evil Brilliance from Millie and Kate…

In case you have no idea what this is: Millie and Kate have concocted a devilishly impossible survey for their blog readers which asks just about every question it is hardest for film fans to answer. (Hence the name, “Brilliantly Evil”) Even though the rules allow non-asthmatics like me to play along, I think I’m already at a disadvantage. However, I’m feeling rather adventurous today, so let’s give it a whirl. Get ready for hair pulling!

1. Which actors do you always (or did you always) mix-up?

Cary Grant and Clark Gable. When I a was a novice film fan, I always said one name when I meant the other. I still slip up to this day sometimes and credit “Clark Gable” with once having been named Archie Leach. It’s a quirky mind mix-up because they share the same initials.

Another pair who I don’t mix-up but do think are crazily similar sounding are Lew Ayres and Robert Vaughn. Close your eyes as you listen to these clips. Don’t they sound the same?

Robert Vaughn: (start at :12 if you want to miss Anne Francis in a black wig…)

Lew Ayres: (he starts talking at :55)

2. Gidget or Beach Party?
Gidget. No question. Sandra Dee always beats Annette.

3. Favorite Movie Outfit?
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.’s black and yellow cape outfit from Sinbad the Sailor. This picture isn’t of exactly the one I refer to, but you get the idea.

4. If you could be ANY character in ANY movie…who would you choose?

Nikki Ferris (Hayley Mills) in The Moon-Spinners. Reasons?

#1 – Having the chance to don the infamous pink outfit with mandatory red Toms

#2 – Being able to hang around with the utterly adorable Mr. Peter McEnery.

5. If you could marry ANY character in ANY movie…who would you choose?

This is an easy one. Ronald Reagan in One for the Book. His character is the perfect combination of sweet gentleness and man of action. One of my favorite scenes is when he puts the pushy Eve Arden character in her place.

6. If you could live in ANY movie…which would you choose?

Christmas in Connecticut. The house featured in the film has always been my idea of a dream home. If Reginald Gardiner happened to come along with the house – that would be more than jake with me. I could listen to him go on about the double-insulated walls and triple wall jackets all day.

(image credit: marcinéma)

7. Black & White movies you wish were in Technicolor, or vice-versa?

The only black and white scene I wish was in technicolor is the Color-Blind number from Carefree. It was originally intended to be a Technicolor dream scene, but the budget wasn’t large enough. Whenever I watch Carefree, I expect the routine to be in color.

8. Favorite Movie Soundtrack?
The Third Man (starts @ .50) It’s especially interesting how the theme recurs throughout the film just when you least expect it. It’s unsettling because the tune is quite upbeat and often feels out of place with the dark happenings of the film.

9. Favorite Movie Dance Sequence?
The Yam from Carefree with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. I always dance around to this whenever Carefree is on. Doesn’t matter what’s happening – I could have my hands covered in pasta dough or be at an important place in a painting.  All work stops!  The Yam demands to be danced! This club where the dance takes place always captivates me. I wish I could see it in person.

10. Coolest Movie Star? (Cough, cough, BOBBY DARIN, cough, cough -Millie)
Sorry, Millie!

but my choice is Douglas Fairbanks, Jr…of course.

11. Sophia or Gina (Oh, how Kate enjoys replaying Gina’s sad defeat OVER AND OVER! -Millie)

12. “Isn’t It Romantic” in most Billy Wilder films, or “Red River Valley” in most John Ford films?

I’ll go with Isn’t it Romantic from Billy Wilder’s films.

13. If you could re-cast ANY role in ANY movie, what would it be?

Gene Tierney in Laura. This is going to be an unpopular opinion, I know, but… I have always felt Gene was too cold for the role of Laura. Laura was supposed to be a extraordinarily warm, caring, insightful woman and Gene just never conveyed that for me. In particular, the scene where Laura comes face to face with her maid after *a-hem* some rather spoiler-ific things happen, Gene is not at all compassionate for the feelings of the maid. She more or less says “Get over it. And oh, by the way, make us some eggs.” It bothers me every time I see it and the reason it’s odd is because of Gene.  If I could recast the role, I choose either Hedy Lamarr or Olivia de Havilland to replace Gene.

14. Favorite movie character with your first name?

The incomparable, utterly adorable Frank Morgan plays a character named Bob Casey in Broadway Melody of 1940. I felt so lucky the first time I watched the film and found he once played a character with my name.

15.One movie that should NEVER be remade? (under THE THREAT OF A SLOW, PAINFUL DEATH!)

Roman Holiday. If some dreadful, preppy, silicone-lipped actress even attempts to hitch a ride on the back of a Vespa in Rome, I will personally steal the ignition keys and throw them down the nearest drain.

16. Actor or Actress who you would love to be best friends with?

Reginald Gardner. He seems like the kind of a guy who would keep a girl in constant laughter stitches. Plus, I’d bet he was a sweetheart.

17. Are you an Oscar or a Felix?

I go through bouts of both. For a couple months, I’ll throw everything around like Oscar. Then one day, it becomes completely unbearable and I have a big Felix clear out. It stays organized and clean until I have a stressful week. Then I’m Oscar again.

I’ve divided this survey into two posts. There is a lot of material to cover here and I’d like to get this first half published while I work on the rest of the questions. Keep a look-out for the second half, coming soon!



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4 responses to “Evil Brilliance from Millie and Kate…

  1. I love reading these. I confess that I have yet to see Laura but I’m happy about any decision that involves Olivia de Havilland. I also think that “The Yam” is a shockingly overlooked number (and I’m afraid I’m as guilty as the rest of ’em) but it’s such a good number. I think I shall have to go watch it now!

  2. kcruver

    I think Rita Hayworth would have been a great Laura–alluring, but fragile. I’ve never thought that was a movie that should be re-cast, but you made a great arguement.

    I love all of Hayley’s clothes in the Moon-Spinners. That has to be one of the best movie wardrobes ever!

  3. Good stuff!

    I, too, take your point about Laura, but I always got the feeling that she was supposed to be a basically empty vessel, but so incredibly beautiful that she becomes a sort of blank canvas that all the other characters project what they want to see on to. GT certainly was beautiful.
    Two other Caseys that stick in my mind: It’s the name of Drew Barrymore’s character in Scream, and also the name of Bud’s character in Abbott & Costello Meet the Killer.

    Can’t wait for the next installment!

  4. Marvelous! And also– brilliantly evil. Natch. Will soon attempt. :)
    Know who also woulda been cool (but not cooool) in Laura?– Linda Darnell. Or maybe that’s just me. Ho hum either way– she still got to do Fallen Angel, so I s’pose I can’t complain. Good pick regardless.

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