My Littlest Solider

Since I have been inexcusably absent from this wonderful world of blogging, I thought I’d share some of my projects with you to show you what I have been doing. :)

The Littlest Solider is my first honest to goodness, “real” illustration. I’ve made drawings and such before, (one of my favorites is on my Flickr) but this one seems to carry more weight. Maybe because I’m so pleased with how it came out:

The model is none other than my little brother when he was 5 or 6 (he’s now quite grown up!). I found the most darling photo of him with this look of sheer glee on his face – and it was simply perfect for this idea! I don’t think I’ve ever had such fun working on a piece. It didn’t seem like school work at all! The medium is Prismacolor pencils blended with turpentine on illustration board. Oh, and if you’ve ever seen Having Wonderful Time with my beloved DFJ, the name on the envelope should ring a bell. ;)

Next up, a graphic design piece:

The assignment was to create a shop that our small town does not have (not a hard task, believe me!) and then design the branding for it. Mademoiselle Yvette is a vintage hair salon, complete with vintage style aprons embroidered with the name of the salon. Those photos with the logo on the storefront and sign were Photoshopped by me from Flickr photos. Sadly, we haven’t anything as lovely as those places here. Apparently, I make a convincing hairdresser, because one of my classmates asked me if I actually intended to open a shop like this!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this peek at my “real life.” I’m working on two more projects right now with specific classic movie themes, so as soon as their finished I’ll share them, too!



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7 responses to “My Littlest Solider

  1. The finished Littlest Soldier drawing came out great!! A+!

    If you do open Mademoiselle Yvette, can you make it a chain so I can open a franchise here ;) I love the way you did the logo!!

  2. I love the idea of a salon devoted to vintage hairstyling!! I think if there were such a thing here where I live, I’d go broke! I always fantasize about going to get my hair done on a regular basis just like the women before us did. However, with my last salon experience, it might be a long while before I test the waters again!

    Great projects!!!

  3. Kate– Thanks so much for the A+! I promise you’ll be my first franchisee for Mlle Yvette’s. We’ll be entrepreneurs together! :D

    Emily– I’m glad you like it! I’d go broke if a vintage hair salon opened my town, too! I looked at some real vintage hair salons (there’s a bunch in England) and the prices are astronomical! If any of us ever did get good enough at vintage hair to have a shop, we’d sure clean up! I have the same opinion of modern salons. I haven’t had my hair professionally cut in nearly 10 years, I think! The stylist always has their own idea of how my hair should look – and I never agree. :) Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

  4. That is such a nice picture! Good job!

  5. Ooh I like the illustration! And that graphic design is awesome. I’d get my hair cut at Mademoiselle Yvette for sure!

  6. Thanks so much Mercurie! I really appreciate the feedback! :D

    Thanks, Raquelle! Wouldn’t it be so fun for all of us to have our hair done at the same time? Just like in The Women (but without the cattiness!).

  7. I’ve given you the Kreativ Blogger award! Read more here! Love //Lolita

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