Frivolities: The Mash Game

mash quiz

This little game has been floating about in the blogosphere, and being a person who loves a bit of silliness, I’m playing along. Kate has one at Silents and Talkies, which is totally hilarious because of her hatred for Randolph Scott (I’m totally with you on that one, Kate). It looks like Kate is destined to end up with Dana Andrews, and I think they’ll be very happy together.

As for me, I’m going to marry Robert Taylor. Take that! ;) Our fabulous house in England will be out in the country, with a thatched roof and a fence all around the front garden. It may just be painted white, if I can get Bob to paint it for me when we move in. Mash says we’re going to have 21 kids… this may be one point on which I’ll have to take control of my own future, because I know I’d be lost with 21 kids.  I’ll just slice one of those numbers off and make it 2. One boy and one girl. That’ll suit me perfectly. The orange Duesenberg disturbs me a little, as orange is the color I hate most in all the world. Well, maybe Bob can paint that, too. And of course, I’ll be a graphic designer working on nifty logos and promotional material for all the farmers living around us. And we’ll all live happily ever after.

If you’re curious about what I entered into the boxes to get such a lovely future, here’s a screenshot:

mash quiz 1John Garfield is my Randolph Scott (yuck), as Kate likes to say. I think ending up with him would be a torment, mostly because he was always such a jerk. How could anyone like a man who stole Priscilla Lane away from Jeffrey Lynn? He’s just a bad lot.

I had some trouble remembering the brand names of the cars, but I did pretty good. And California is my “place I’d never want to live,” at least for right now anyway. I probably don’t need to explain which job is my dud. Thinking about it now, though, it’s a job that doesn’t even exist anymore!

Now, go check out all the other bloggers who MASHed:

Mrs. Dana Andrews (aka Kate Gabrielle)

Mrs. Tyrone Power (aka Millie)

Mrs. Richard Conte (aka Ginger Ingenue)

Mrs. Rudolph Valentino (aka Elizabeth)

Mrs. Gower Champion (aka Nicole)

Mrs. William Holden (aka Wendymoon)

and the lone man to play so far… Mr. Myrna Loy (aka C.K. Dexter Haven)

So… why not MASH for yourself?


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18 responses to “Frivolities: The Mash Game

  1. lol I love how you ended with the Mrs. tags :)
    Actually gas station attends exist in ONE remaining state– NJ. We’re the one state where we don’t have to get out of the car to get gas. It’s always annoying when we travel because me & my mom don’t know how to pump gas!

    How can you not like orange? It’s my favorite color! As Sinatra said, it’s the happiest color.

  2. *attendANTS My keyboard is going slower than me today and I keep having typos left and right!

  3. Lucky lucky! I loathe pumping gas. It’s so un-ladylike! :) I’m not quite sure why I don’t like orange. It’s just never been a favorite of mine. Maybe I’ve never seen it done right. I’m open to changing my mind. If Frank Sinatra liked it, there must be something I’m missing. :)

    My keyboard was acting bizarre, too! I just had to change the batteries in it about 10 min ago and now it seems fine.

  4. Hahaha, I LOVE it!

    I hate orange too, but that’s what I ended up with also! YUCK!

    (Sinatra liked orange a little too much. That fuzzy orange sweater in “Ocean’s 11” never ceases to gross me out!)

    My state is a self-serve state too. But, over in Oregon they still have attendants (along with no sales tax!!!). Us, Washingtonians have lots of fun making fun of people from Oregon. At sports events between us a common taunt is: “Pump you own gas!” Yes, we are very mean. Hehehe

  5. Oh, I forgot about the orange fuzzy sweater! It is really strange.

    Oregon has no sales tax? Maybe that should have been on my list of favorite places! :) Your taunt is a riot! I’d love to hear that in person.

  6. So do you not watch John Garfield movies?…. Hee hee.

    Congrats on becoming Mrs. Robert Taylor. I’m Mrs. Robert Mitchum!
    Mitchum and Sterling Hayden fought it out to the last minute but Mitchum won.

  7. Yeah, you’ve got me – I don’t watch John Garfield movies. *grin* I do like the Four Daughters series, but his character makes me so mad, I have fast forward through him.

    Thanks! Congrats to you, Mrs. Mitchum! That must have been some fight between Bob and Sterling. I hope you weren’t too upset. :)

    Did you do a Mash post? I didn’t see one, but I’ll link if you’ve got it.

  8. No I usually try to avoid posting this kind of stuff on my blog. It’s weird, I like reading it on other blogs but don’t like to post on mine. Hmmm…

  9. I understand it. You’re striving for greater things on your blog. You want it to be a serious classic film blog. Tags and silly stuff don’t really apply to that. I’ll probably be joining you in the high ideals class one day, but for now it is kind of fun being goofy once in a while. :)

  10. GingerIngenue

    As someone who used to belong to the high ideals class of blogging, let me say, it’s way more fun to act silly with film, so then when you do feel like writing a serious piece, it stands out like a chapel in a field.

    Great post, Casey! And I too love your ‘Mrs.’ tags for all of us newlyweds. :)

    And I’ve actually never been here before…

    So it’s wonderful to meet you! :)

  11. Hi Ginger- Thanks for stopping by! It’s wonderful to meet you, too! What an interesting take on blogging you have. Thanks so much for sharing it! A chapel in a field… what a lovely image. I very much enjoy being silly, so I think it’ll be a long time before I could give it up. ;) But, I still have my serious moments, so I guess I’m living out your chapel in a field idea.


  12. I’m here for the first time too, following links from Kate and Ginger. :-D Fun results! I agree with you on orange as a color, blech! But just think how distinctive you’ll be on the freeway in your orange Duesenberg! :-D

  13. I have plenty of silly stuff on my blog thank you very much!

  14. This looks like fun! I must go back and play. Fun to see your results. :o) And to catch up on your recent posts…love your art work unveiling! Now that we’re just returned from our trip I’ll have time for blogging and visiting friends…but oh, the jet lag–LOL! Thanks for your message for me via Twitter. Happy Weekend ahead ((HUGS))

  15. Deborah – Welcome! Thanks for visiting. :) You’re right – the orange Dusenberg is sure to stand out! Maybe I’ll become famous as “the crazy lady in the old orange car.” ;)

    Raquelle – Well, all right then! ;)

    Tracy – Welcome back! I can’t wait to see your results from the Mash. Thanks so much for looking @ my artwork. :) Take it easy with the jet lag and happy Weekend ahead to you, too!

  16. Hello Mrs. Robert Taylor, I love your reason for not liking John Garfield. He had no reason in splitting up Priscilla and Jeffrey up. They were so cute together in that movie. =)

  17. Hi Mrs. Champion! I knew you could appreciate my dislike of John Garfield. ;) Priscilla & Jeffrey were adorable in the Four Daughters films. I was determined to get a garden gate I could swing on after I watched those films. I ended up having to settle for the rusty farm gate in our backyard. Somehow, it just wasn’t the same. :)

  18. You can play MASH here too!

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