My Art: Cupcakes!

This is the other piece that was accepted into my school’s Student Show.  It’s a wonderful feeling to walk into the gallery and see my piece hanging there.  It’s like seeing your name on a marquee or your face on a billboard – thrilling and kind of scary at the same time.  Anyway, this piece is officially called Flowing, but I think it’s much more fun to call it Cupcakes!  It was born out of an assignment that required me to use 1,000 objects to create a piece of abstract art.  One of the unshakable rules was that it could not be representational.  Annoying at the time, but in hindsight, I’m glad for that restriction because I think it made me think more creatively.  So, this is what I came up with.  1,000 cupcake papers strung on thin wires and then inserted into a floral foam sphere.  The sphere is located at the very top, allowing the cupcake sprays to freely cascade down.  When the breeze hits it, the delicate papers make the most amazing sound – something like soothing wind chimes, but more interesting.  I love the way it sounds. :)



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6 responses to “My Art: Cupcakes!

  1. Ok, that is just flipping beautiful! Casey you are so talented. If you have some talent juice to spare, send some over my way.

    What made you think to use cupcake papers?

  2. It’s gorgeous! Reminds me of a flowy sea-creature. I wish I could hear the sound it makes!

  3. You should post a sound clip of the breeze blowing through the cup cake papers.

  4. Raquelle – Oh, thanks! I’ll be glad to send you some talent juice, but I think you’ve got plenty of your own amazing talents! :) The idea for cupcake papers actually arose out of the need to obtain 1,000 objects without sending myself into bankruptcy. Have you ever tried to buy 1,000 of the same object? It’s insanely expensive! As it turned out, my cheapo cupcake papers only set me back $10 in the dollar store. The foam core sphere was about $3 in Walmart, and the wire was jewelry wire on clearance in Joanns. In the end, I think the entire project cost about $20, which is phenomenal. I did a little dance of joy that day. ;) The cupcake papers are made out of thin, transparent paper which catches the light beautifully. I think they would be a disaster for actual cupcake making, though.

    – I’m so happy you like it! It does look like some other-worldly sea creature. :) I hope to be able to share the sound with you soon!

    Matthew – I actually decided yesterday that I’m going to, but I’ll have to wait until I get it back from the show. I chuckled when I read your comment, because it’s exactly what my prof said. Except, he thought I should make a “soothing sounds” cd and sell it on Ebay for meditation purposes. I’m not kidding, either. :)

  5. It’s truly FANTASTIC! It reminds me of some chandeliers that I saw in Venice (only these were made of crystal petals!)

  6. Thanks so much, Tany! I’m thrilled to have you compare my humble sculpture to chandeliers in Venice! Crystal petals sound amazing. I wish I could see it! My mom suggested that I could use my sculpture as a chandelier type light by stringing Christmas lights inside. I may try it, we’ll have to see. :)

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