Anniversary Giveaway!

(trumpet fanfare, please)

…Announcing the first ever Noir Girl giveaway…

…in honor of my 100 Day Anniversary!

Noir Girl has now been in existence for almost 100 days, all thanks to the many marvelous readers who frequent this blog.  I am so grateful to each and every one of you for all your kindness, camaraderie and friendship.  I truly enjoy reading and commenting on all your posts.  You inspire me, challenge my thinking and back up my gut reactions.  In a sentence: You guys are wonderful!  It’s so exciting to be a part of the blog community. So, I’ve been plotting how I could say thank you in a more tangible way, and I think I have a pretty good offer.

I made 5 handkerchief sachets that I am going to give away to five lucky readers in the coming weeks.

Fabrics (from left to right): Brown Tooled Suede, Indian Inspired Multicolored Brocade with Gold Overtones, Cream Cotton Calico with Yellow Flowers, Pink Floral Silk Charmeuse, Green Silk Brocade

Lining Fabrics (from left to right): Pink Crinkled Satin, Deep Purple Crinkled Satin, Gold Silk Brocade, Pink Taffeta, Green Silk Brocade

The fabrics for each one are listed above and they all have satin ribbon ties. The Pink Silk Charmeuse sachet is lined with the same pink taffeta from the Vogue Jacket project.  The rest are all fabrics from my stash.

If you’ve never heard of Handkerchief Sachets before, they are small fabric pockets usually made out of luxury fabrics used for keeping a lady’s delicate handkerchiefs safe.  I believe that some may have had lavender and other sweet smelling items hidden somewhere inside to freshen the hankies.  I have a vintage one that lives on my vanity (that’s my vanity above).  The allure for me about handkerchief sachets is the fact that many young women used theirs as hiding places for secret treasures.  I became fascinated with them after watching At Bertram’s Hotel (1987) with Joan Hickson as Miss Marple.  In this made for tv film, there is a scene where Miss Marple is showing her friend some recent purchases:

Miss Marple: Oh, and I also treated myself to a handkerchief sachet.

Lady Selina: Oh, how pretty!

MM: My old one had fallen to bits.  I’d had it ever since I was a girl.

LS: Oh the things I used to hide in my handkerchief sachet! Photographs, love letters, diaries…

MM: Oh, yes!  I once kept a valentine card in mine – for years.  Given me by a young man called Lionel Mattingly.

LS: Romance, Jane? What happened?

MM: Oh, nothing. Mother nipped it in the bud.

LS: You mean you never saw him again?

MM: Oh, indeed yes.  I came across him years later. And of course, Mother was absolutely right.

This can kind of give you an idea, anyway of the feeling I’m trying to tap into with my own versions of the Handkerchief Sachet.

On to the nitty gritty:  This is an open invitation for everyone to participate (International friends included! – don’t worry about the postage).  Feel free to enter if you’ve never commented before, whether you know me or not, or if you just found my blog today.  I want to hear from you!

How to win: Comment on this post and be sure to fill in an email address in the form, so I can contact you when you win. And, specify which sachet you like the best, and I’ll try to give you the one you like.

For the comments, let’s play a little game.  Let’s see if we can write a story, with each comment adding two or three words.  The first words are:

The cool breeze

Take it anywhere you want to go, but let’s refrain from profanities and objectionable content.  Keep it clean.  I’d love to get 100 words – one for each day my blog has been up. When I announce the winners, I’ll post the finished story and we’ll see how we did. :)

I will draw the winners from a vintage hat on April 1, 2009. On that day, I’ll do a post announcing the winners and email each one.

Good luck, my dears!


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22 responses to “Anniversary Giveaway!

  1. I rather like the brown tooled suede one :)
    What a lovely idea, Casey! Happy 100 Days!!!

    The cool breeze reminded me of

  2. Oops! Sorry. I forgot to say I like the Pink Taffeta (aren’t I predictable?).

  3. Happy 100, Casey! Looking forward to 100’s more posts! And such a lovely, generous gift giveaway! Your handkerchief sachets are beautiful…such delightful fabrics. I’ve fallen in love with that pink one, I must say…It makes me thing of spring blooms and summer days ahead. :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

  4. … three years ago …

    Happy 100, and thank you for your contributions to this community! I like the Cream Cotton Calico sachet best.

  5. …brown suede one please! Happy100 dear!!!

  6. Nicole

    in a blustery day in the city……

    I love the light green one, how adorable is that?!

  7. Allison

    …a ravishing young woman was…

    Casey you did such a wonderful job on all of the handkerchief sachets. I love the green, brown suede, and also my other fav is the pink floral! You always do such a nice job on finishing touches. I can’t wait to see what you create next!

  8. Count me in! What a wonderful idea!! :)

  9. Ginger

    Pink floral silk charmeuse! I lost track of the story, I’m sorry

  10. I’m so happy with the great response! You guys are just making my whole week! :)

    Here’s what the story looks like so far:

    “The cool breeze reminded me of an autumn day three years ago in the city. A ravishing young girl…”

  11. Jen

    These are just gorgeous – if i did win i’d love either the green or the yellow! My words to add are ‘with fiery red hair’

  12. “sauntered past me”

    Love the sachets! My favorites are the pink and the green! Like your blog!

  13. “She seemed to be…”

    This is such a sweet giveaway idea. I am particularly fond of the Indian Inspired Multicolored Brocade handkerchief sachet. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

    Congratulations on 100 days of blogging!

  14. Lise

    …in quite a hurry

    I have read your blog for some months, but I have never commented on it before now. I think you are really talented and I really wish I could sew like you. Maybe you could write a “how-to-sew-clothes”-serie?

    If I win, I would like the “Brown Tooled Suede” the most, but if that is taken, the “Green Silk Brocade” is certainly not bad, either!

    Congrats on the 100 days of blogging, you have done well so far! Keep up the good work:)

  15. Oh how splendid (centenary of sorts ) anniversary to celebrate ,way to go Noir Girl !
    Congrats to you and much gratitude to you for such a neat site,I love all the things you come up with.
    This just made my day ,hankerchief sachets are soooooooo must have for every girl there are so many things you can carry in them .
    They are really just to functional an item to be without.
    Again thank you for your fantastic ideas ,looking forward to the outcome of the coolest give away I’ve ever seen.

  16. rubylamour

    Yay for 100 days and many more to come I’m hoping… I would love to the Cream Cotton Calico with Yellow Flowers. What a lovely idea for a gift giveaway!

    “, her heels clicking away at the pavement”

  17. Here I am surfing by cos I love your blog and here you are having a nifty giveaway. Life is good.

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  20. Chloe Warburton

    I am currently watching that episode of Miss Marple and, like you, I have become intrigued by the idea of Handkerchief Sachets. I’ve been searching and searching for them, to find out exactly what they were and how they were used … and whether I can get one/make one! I’d really love one. Thank you so much for this blog – no on else seems to have much info about them :)

  21. Hi Chloe,
    What a lovely treat to find another Marple fan who enjoyed the handkerchief sachets as I did! It’s such a neat idea for storing precious items. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!


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