Come to Hollywood!

I’m so excited to tell you about my latest art project!  Our assignment was to create a poster and brochure for a trip.  We had to design and put together a box to hold the brochures that attached to the poster, creating a free standing display.  We could pick any place and any time period for our trip, so (this will be a big surprise to everyone I’m sure!) I chose to take a trip back in time to 1940 Hollywood.  I picked 1940 specifically because I wanted to have my vacationers be able to see some of the charmed 1939 films in Graumans.  I looked up when these films were playing in theaters, and 1940 was when most of them were actually released.

So, here’s the finished piece:

When all the brochures are taken…

there is a small spot behind the brochures with contact information for the travel agency (fictitious in this case).

The brochure.  These are layout images, so you kind of have to use your imagination as to how they fold up.  I wanted you to be able to read the copy, so I uploaded them this way.

(Pages 3, 6, 1)

(Pages 2, 4, 5)

(Pages 2, 4, 5)

It was such a fun project to design.  I got to take my file for the poster to a professional printer and see my project come to life.  It was truly a thrilling experience (in a geeky graphic design sort of way).  :)

I’d be so grateful for any feedback you’d like to offer.  I am well prepared to take constructive criticism.  My feathers don’t ruffle easily, so don’t be afraid of offending me.


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10 responses to “Come to Hollywood!

  1. Very nice! I like the sun-ray design (I’m not sure what else to call it). Very 1940. Did you use InDesign for this?

    I don’t really have any criticism. I like the poster. The use of black & white contrasts with the rainbow colors in the word “Technicolor” nicely.

    Yellow and that Olive green are good choices for a 40’s style color pallette.

    So is this a brochure for someone in 2009 who wants to travel back to 1940?

  2. Thanks Raquelle! Actually, I used Illustrator to lay this out. Illustrator has better type manipulation capabilities. I think every piece of text on these pieces was kerned or shifted in some way. And yes, this is for a modern person who wants to time travel. I was going to write a little about that, but it’s amazing how fast you can run out of room on a brochure! My classmates had trouble filling up all the pages, but I had trouble fitting all my ideas in. :)

    Btw- I want to thank you for linking me on your website. I made a new bloggie friend last night, thanks to you! :)

  3. Hi Casey–
    I just wanted to let you know that you won my free print contest. I couldn’t find an email address to let you know, so I hope you don’t mind my posting a comment about it? Just email me at when you get a chance :)

    ps. I love the brochure!

  4. Hi Kate! Thanks so much for commenting – I don’t mind at all! The contest was so much fun. I’m amazed that I won!

    Thanks for the compliment about my brochure! :)


  5. It’s more than my pleasure for linking you! Us nice bloggers need to stick together. There are too many meanies out there. And congrats on winning Kate Gabrielle’s contest (another nice blogger!).

  6. Raquelle – So true about the meanies. Thanks. I’m so excited about winning! Kate’s such a sweet person. :)

  7. You did a TERRIFIC job!!!

  8. Thanks Tany! I truly enjoyed the process of making it. I’m so glad you like it!

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  10. I love your project! Well done! A++

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