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I’ve got so many ideas swirling around in my head right now.  It’s getting hard to think of anything else, so I figured I’d share them with all of you.  Then, maybe I’ll be able to put them to rest until I can complete them.

First up – two vintage patterns I recently acquired that I’m terribly excited about.

The Advance 2973 dress pattern is a style that I’ve been dreaming about making.  The long lines are great for trimming the figure and the lovely billowy sleeves are amazing.  I was thinking of doing my first version in soft pink.  What color/pattern would you choose?

The McCalls 2060 playsuit pattern is just for fun.  I wasn’t looking for a playsuit, but when I saw it I couldn’t resist.  When I make it up, I’ll lengthen the shorts some, because I like my shorts a little longer.  I’m not too crazy about the appliques, so I’ll probably go plain.  Wouldn’t it be cute in red gingham with a red belt and red sandals?  :)

The center Simplicity 6825 pattern was a lovely gift from the seller on Etsy.  It’s a lovely dress.  I always adore lace sleeves and insets.

Then, I’ve been investigating accessories for the Vogue suit.  I decided while I was making it that I wanted to do a matching hat, but I was undecided about which kind.  That’s when I came across Mary Beth’s post on her class to make fedoras.  I knew I’d found my perfect hat.  I’m going to use Vogue 8175, since (as Mary Beth says) it is a better pattern.

Then, for a purse I’m still undecided.  The pattern envelope of the suit (Vogue 2885) has a terribly intriguing purse on it, (look at the lady with the red jacket) but I’d have to draft the pattern for that one myself.  I can do it, and I’ve done it before, but I may not have time to conquer that one right now.  If I can find a pattern I like as much or better, I’ll make it instead.  (Suggestions welcome!)

Next, I got these lovely fabrics for a set of headbands I’m planning on gifting to a 5-year-old friend of mine. :)  I’ve made headbands from Heather Bailey’s pattern before and they are so cute and so simple (incidentally, if you’ve never seen her blog, it’s truly worth a look).

Finally, I’m finishing up a huge crochet stole that I made over Christmas out of the softest, dark green, chenille yarn.  I just have to sew the satin blanket binding around the edges to give it stability.  I made it from this vintage pattern and it worked up beautifully.

I’ve got other little ideas nagging at me, but these are “The Big Four.”  I’ll probably be tackling the headbands first, since those are for someone else.  After that, it’s the stole.  It won’t take much to finish that, so it’s an easy feeling of accomplishment.  :)


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6 responses to “Inspiration Board

  1. To me it looks like a messenger/laptop bag with smaller handles. I know the big 4 carry these, and making the saddle shape would be simple with them.

  2. All of that sounds absolutely lovely, even though I’m so new at this sewing stuff that I’m not sure what most of it means. I’m just dazzled by it all!

    Hey you crochet?! Cool. I was thinking of picking it up. Is it difficult to learn?

  3. SewDucky – I think you’re right – the mysterious handbag probably is basically a messenger bag! What a great way to look at it! I’m not sure it has handles. I see it more as a large clutch bag, possibly with a shoulder strap. The saddle shape is what I like about it the most. :) Sorry for my ignorance, but what’s the big 4?

    Raquelle – I’m sorry if I confused you! I’ll be glad to explain anything for you. It is kind of dazzling when you first get into it. I felt the same way.
    I sure do crochet! :) I find it way easier to learn than knitting. You only have to hold one hook, instead of two needles and the stitches are all very easy. I actually bought a childrens learn to crochet book and taught myself. The instructions were very clear and the projects were easy and fun. There are so many more patterns available for crochet now, that you don’t have to be restricted to blankets and granny squares anymore, either. I’ll be happy to help you, if you want to learn. :)

  4. Big 4: McCall’s, Butterick, Simplicity and Vogue.

    Drafting wouldn’t be an issue either, considering the era. Draw a rectangle the size you want it, fold it in half lengthwise and use a plate to draw the curve to the depth, cut, open add the flap to the back piece to come 2/3 down the front. Cut one of each piece in outer fabric, one in lining. Topstich when turned, toggle clasp it (for the clutch). Add a strap with D rings to the corners, and a hook thing and there you go.

    Although from the picture, it’s got a large button/buttonhole to close it, you’d get a similar shape above.

  5. Sew Ducky – How silly of me not to see what you meant by the big four. I thought you were talking about a store! :) Thanks so much for your instructions about the purse. This is what I love about blogging – so many kind, smart people who are willing to give advice and tips! Now, all I want to do is sit down and craft this purse. I can’t though, because my school project needs finishing. Back to work, now – Thanks again!


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