Hello to all my good friends in blogland!  It feels like forever since I last posted.  School is going well, especially the art side and I hope to have some 3D pieces to show soon.  My Vogue Jacket is unfortunately still on my dressmaker’s assistant looking quite lonely.  I will have it done soon.  It’s so infuriating to see something so beautiful just sitting there and not being able to wear it!  Although with all this cold, wet, messy snow, it’s a tad impractical for skirt-suits anyway.  *sniffle*  I have three dress-type things I’m just dying to wear, if only it would warm up a little!

Okay – enough ranting for now.  The reason for this post is because I found some little treasures (you know – the kind that make life just a touch sunnier?).  These kinds of discoveries are called “pick-me-ups” in our house.  Maybe you already know about this and I’m far behind the crowd, but here goes.

Crayola has a whole line of room paints for children through Dutch Boy.  The paint chips are in the shape of crayon tips.  (“Giant crayons now on display in aisle six!”)  Plus, they have those same terribly cute names that the crayons have like “Granny Smith Apple” and “Unmellow Yellow.”  The display in my local hardware store even had cellophane wrapped pairs of crayons for the young ones to sample.

Forgive the graininess of the back shot.  That yucky stuff is really on the card and it refuses to come off.  Ugh!

Here’s a little artistic swirl of the primary and complementary colors.  There’s tons more than these, but I was getting suspicious glances from the paint-mixing employee, so I could only take six.

Does anyone else out there have a fascination for paint chips like I do?  I have always just adored them.  When I was younger, I would steal tons of them from the paint department and bring them home to hoard.  Then, I’d tape little photos and illustrations from catalogs to the tops that matched the colors.  I still have them.  I hang them on my bulletin board.  I think it was the inner graphic designer manifesting itself.  ;)

I wish you all a happy day!


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11 responses to “Pick-me-ups

  1. Ooh, love colors! I want to be a graphic designer, someday! :)

  2. I am totally fascinated with paint chips as well, I love them. :)

  3. Fascinated ‘by’, I mean. Oops! Too early in the morning. :D

  4. Jen

    Yay for paint and colour – it just makes you feel so happy :)

  5. Trish – Thanks for stopping by and for commenting!

    Andrea – I’m glad I’m not the only one. ;)

    Jen – I know – I simply can’t imagine the world w/o color! How sad it would be!


  6. Hello Casey
    Thank for the comment on my blog!!! I love your site too – added a link @ tissupapers

    I love to collect paint chips also – They make great gift tags. I remember somewhere where an artist used the long strips paint cards and made poems with the words – very beautiful the way the color and words ended up.

  7. Hi Lisa!
    You’re welcome, and thank you! I’ll add your link here. That poem idea sounds fascinating. I’d love to see that. I’ll have to start googling… ;)

  8. froginthepond

    So I’m not the only one with a fetish for paint chips?

  9. Oh my gosh, I thought I was the only one who did this! Like you, it started when I was little- I’d jam as many as I could fit in my coat pockets when my parents weren’t looking! Now, of course, they are aware of the paint chip obsession and help me pick up great colors :) Once I tried covering a wall in them…

  10. Kate – I always stole my chips furtively, too, although I was in fear of the store employees. My Mom is crafty, too, so she understands the value of paint chips, like your parents. ;) Covering a wall in them is fabulous idea! I can just see how well that would go over with a prospective buyer of the house, though… :)

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