English Joy

This has been one hard, cold, tiring day.  Really. Here in the good ole Midwest, we are suffering with below zero temperatures (-6° F but feels like -20° F with the windchill.  That’s -21/-28° C).  We were warned on the news this morning that skin exposed to the cold air for 10(!) minutes would be subject to frostbite!

Then, I’ve spent my whole day working in one of my studio classes.  (It’s an all-day class.)  Needless to say, I was beat.

So, when I checked my mailbox and found a cardboard sleeve with a sticker that said “Royal Mail” on the corner, my heart skipped ten beats.  You have to understand that for a little American girl, a package from England is like the be all and end all.

Look at this logo. Talk about good graphic design!

I have been expecting this package for some time and I was beginning to give up hope of ever seeing it.  It is so fitting that it arrived today.

My English mystery package was an impressively fat, vintage knitting and crochet “Bible” that I purchased with the last of my Christmas money.  It’s called A Stitch In Time and was authored by Jane Waller and Susan Crawford.  I am terribly happy with how big it is.  It measures 8 1/4 in. by 11 3/4 in. and it’s nearly an inch thick!

Knit on the Net has a great logo too (click photo to see it)

I found out about this little gem because of the Diary of a Vintage Girl blog.  The lovely writer is a model, and she modeled many of the sweaters (or jumpers – I just love that word) for this re-creation book.  Here’s a link to her post about it, complete with buying instructions: Knitty Gritty

The book is gorgeous, honestly and truly.  It’s worth buying for the spectacular photography alone.  I knew the minute I saw it I was going to have to learn to knit (I’m a crocheter, but somehow the joys of knitting have always eluded me).  I was right.  The patterns for vintage sweaters are so exciting, I’m just dying to get out those knitting needles and try, try again.

Aside from the new photographs of the sweaters, bathing suits, gloves, purses, belts and lingerie, A Stitch In Time also has copies of the original vintage patterns before each new, revised pattern, with the original photographs.  It’s divided into 5 sections spanning the golden years of fashion: 1920-49.  At the beginning of every new section, the authors have a short essay about the fashion of each particular year span.

Look at this cute little card that was slipped between the pages of the book:

What a day-maker!


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7 responses to “English Joy

  1. caseyadam

    Nothing makes a day brighter then a package in the mail. I don’t knit but I’m sure if I were to open A Stitch in Time I’d be knitting in no time.

  2. I was thinking of buying the book back when I saw Fleur de Guerre’s post and was disappointed to see that it wasn’t available in the US. Now that I’ve read your post I’m determined to get it! What a nice purchase.

    And I just learned to knit, so this would be a treat. But I’m still in scarf-territory so it may be a while before I could make anything.

    Thanks for this post!

  3. Casey – I think A Stitch In Time could revolutionize the knitting/crocheting world just because it’s so exciting for people who appreciate vintage clothes. Thanks for commenting!

    Raquelle – Always a pleasure to pass along such lovely information! I’m so glad you rediscovered it! Scarf territory is much better than I can do. I’ve got to force myself to pick up the needles again. I must have 6 instructional books, but I can never learn. However, I’m determined now! :)


  4. I ordered it! I can’t wait for my package to come in the mail.

    As for learning how to knit, if you can get someone to show you it’s much easier to start than learning from instructional books. Although Stitch n Bitch is wonderful!

  5. Wait until you get the box, it’s the most thrilling package! I agree with you about having someone show me how to knit. One of my friends is in scarf territory like you, and I think I might recruit her to give me some lessons. Thanks for the tip about Stitch n Bitch. I’ll check it out.

  6. Casey,

    I got the book!!! Yay! I’m so excited. I didn’t realize how MANY patterns there were inside. What a treasure. I’m glad I was encouraged by your post to get it.

    And I’ve always wanted to make my own clothes so this is a good start. I’m thinking of going to a local sewing school in the Spring to learn some techniques (non-knitting).

  7. I’m so happy for you Raquelle! I was surprised about the number of patterns too! It’s a fat book, full of great stuff. I salute you for seeking out classes to take. You are terribly lucky to have a “sewing school.” I bet there are some very knowledgeable people there! If you don’t keep us updated on that adventure, I will be truly disappointed.

    Happy to have brought some sunshine into your world,

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