Fashion Backward: Vogue 2885 Skirt

skirt-sweater-frontSkirt’s all done!

It’s pictured with one of my favorite sweaters.  I think it looks very 1940’s.

Here’s a closeup of this plaid fabric:


When I bought this fabric some 6 months ago, I wasn’t sure if I really liked it.  But, I have decided that it’s quite perfect for this skirt pattern.  I was worried about matching the plaid and terrified that if I didn’t match it just right, the skirt would end up looking clownish.  I think it worked well though.  I agonized long enough about it! ;)

waistbandOne of my most favorite design elements about this skirt is the notched waistband.  I thought it would be hard to get this to look right, and knew it was a spot of potential danger.  But, actually the instructions were wonderful and I had no trouble with it.

I did have some trouble with the zipper.  I’m not really sure why, either.  It was supposed to be covered with the lapped side of the skirt.  Somehow, mine is just in the side with no lapping.  The pattern did not call for an invisible zipper, so I didn’t use one, although now I’m wishing I had.  Ah, well – we live and learn.  It doesn’t look bad, it’s just a matching zipper.

skirt-backThe back has a deep pleat with an underlay.  It’s a nice vintage touch.

This skirt is a little longer than I usually wear them.  I like my skirts to be just above the knee and this one falls just below the knee.  I’ve decided to wear it a couple of times and see if I have feelings of absolute hatred for this longer length.  If I do, I can adjust the hem, but I hope I don’t.  I dislike hemming.

I’m cutting out the fabric for the jacket right now.  It’s a deep brown stretch suiting.  I have four days left of break, so it’s a race now!

My sincere thanks to everyone who expressed interest and wished me luck on this venture.  Your comments are greatly appreciated!



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6 responses to “Fashion Backward: Vogue 2885 Skirt

  1. I would wear that skirt!

  2. Thanks much Raquelle! It wasn’t too hard to make, if you’d like some pointers. :)


  3. I’m in love with this! Great fabric choice.

  4. Thanks Lisa! Wait until you see it with the jacket that matches. ;)

    Thank you for commenting!


  5. Carol


    I just came across your website. I know that it was posted in 2009 but that is okay. I hope you were successful in making this pattern as I am just about to venture into doing it. I heard it may be hard to do. I have loved vintage clothing since I was a kid and would love for this pattern to turn out. I am not a person who sews constantly so I am hoping that trying to make this pattern doesn’t frustrate or make me want to give up. Do you have any helpful tips that may help? I have read on other sites that some of the pattern instructions are not that great or correct.

  6. Hi Carol! I’m thrilled you commented on this post. It’s such a coincidence because I am wearing this outfit today. :) I didn’t have much trouble with the instructions for this pattern at all. The skirt is quite easy, so I recommend making it first. The toughest part of it is the notched waistline. But if you are careful, I’m sure you can conquer it. The jacket is more complicated and the instructions assume the sewer knows how to do advanced sewing techniques like bound buttonholes. I have another post about the jacket where I took pictures of my process and linked to instructions for the techniques – check out the posts here and here. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about the pattern as you sew. Just send me an email if you have trouble: casey_koester(at)yahoo(dot)com

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