Fashion Backward – Barbara’s Sweater

Okay, for some time now I have been obsessed by a sweater worn by the amazing actress Barbara Stanwyck in the movie Clash By Night (1952).


Screen grab captured by me

Another screen grab - Look at those cuffs!

Another screen grab - Look at those cuffs!

I have a pretty good idea of what’s available in the clothing market and I have never seen anything remotely resembling this.  So, this leaves one option: make it myself.

I have been slowly moving toward the ideas of refashioning and reusing old, boring clothes to create new, exciting garments.  Refashioning appeals to me for several reasons.  1) I’m a notorious penny-pincher and if I can get something really thrilling for practically nothing, I’ll take it!  2) I’ve followed several blogs (Casey’s Musings and Strawberry Koi) that demonstrate how to refashion garments with class, style and imagination and they have inspired me to try my hand at this art form.

So, I’ve finally taken the plunge – and it’s exciting!

I recently ventured into my local Goodwill and took a look at the stock.  To my surprise, there was some great stuff in there!  I was mainly concerned with finding a nice cardigan sweater in my size, in a color I  liked.  I actually attained my goal – times 2.  I found two lovely sweaters and only paid $5 for both of them!  The first is gray wool from J. Crew (no less!) and the second is pink cotton from a department store line.

Next, I paid a visit to Joann’s and perused the bead isle.  The above images of Ms. Stanwyck were in my mind the whole time.  Luckily for me, the beads were on sale so when I found some pearls to my liking their price was not going to break the bank.  I settled on Blue Moon Glass Pearls colored Champagne in 4 sizes.


I used invisible thread and a ballpoint needle and just started sewing the pearls around the collar and cuffs of the gray sweater.  I probably should have had more of a plan, but it worked out beautifully anyway.  Have a look.  I’m quite proud of my efforts! :)

Barbara's Sweater


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